Juliette's daily makeup


"So in the morning I don't have a lot of time so I do my makeup pretty quickly! I get out of the shower, get my face nice and clean and first I put on a few drops of Oh My Cream SkincarePlumping Oil. It's a great makeup base, it penetrates very quickly and it makes the complexion "glowy" as I like. The first step of my makeup is the foundation.

I useIlia's Serum Foundation, it's non-comedogenic and doesn't give me little pimples. I take a pump of foundation, I spread it in the palm of my hands and I'll put a little bit all over my face so very little but I'll spread it well. I create a little bit of a backdrop. Once I've evened out the complexion a little bit, I'm going to put a little bit of emphasis on the areas where I have imperfections or little redness. I then take another pump of Ilia Serum Foundation and I'm going to pat on all the little areas of imperfections. I always finish with a little dab on the dark circles and the wings of the nose which are often a little red!

The foundation stage is now over so we'll move on to the blush:Ilia 's Multi Stick in the shade "All of Me". An old pink that I think goes well with brunettes! I apply it and then I spread it with a finger or a brush. Then, we powder the whole face a little bit. I use Jane Iredale 's PurePressed Base SPF20: revelation, it's the best powder in the world! By brushing the complexion , it will mattify the skin and allow the makeup to last all day without making effects of matter. And by dabbing it on, you can use it (almost) like a foundation!

I make a pencil line, right on top and I use Kjaer Weis Eye Pencil. I'll just make a line starting from the middle of the eyelid and then I'll blend with the brush. We finish with the mascara, always the brand Ilia with the Mascara Limitless Lash. It thickens the lashes, I like the effect a little doll lashes, and it lengthens them well without making clumps.

The final touch is the lipstick. I use the shade "Arabian Nights" fromIlia's Tinted Lip Balm. I confess I don't directly spread the lipstick, I find colour too intense so I dab it on until I get what I want! There you go!"

Juliette's daily makeup


Oh My Cream Skincare

Huile Repulpante

44 €


Multi Stick

37 € 7 colours
Natural Worship

Jane Iredale

PurePressed Base SPF20

50 € 19 colours

Kjaer Weis

Eye Pencil Crayon Yeux

27 € 2 colours


Mascara Allongeant Limitless Lash

30 € 1 colour


Baume à Lèvres Teinté

30 € 3 colours

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