Sesame Ylang ylang & Petit grain soap

Sesame Ylang ylang & Petit grain soap Dessein

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Proposition n°2 : Un pain de savon ultra-doux et nourrissant aux notes chaudes et épicées de petit grain et de clou de girofle, sur un coeur floral d'Ylang ylang.

This product is a victim of its success!

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Proposition n°2 : Un pain de savon ultra-doux et nourrissant aux notes chaudes et épicées de petit grain et de clou de girofle, sur un coeur floral d'Ylang ylang.

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Sesame Ylang ylang & Petit grain soap


Sesame Ylang ylang & Petit grain soap


The team insight

Tous les savons Dessein sont faits à la main en Bretagne et saponifiés à froid pour préserver l'intégrité des ingrédients. On adore cette version aux notes hivernales chaleureuses pour une douche réconfortante... ou pour celles et ceux qui doivent se laver les mains très fréquemment !



Le pain de savon Proposition n°2 nettoie tout en douceur grâce à ses beurres de sésame, de karité et à son huile de ricin. Nourrie dès le nettoyage, la barrière de protection de la peau est rééquilibrée. Son argile rose associée au charbon de noix de coco purifient, tandis que les huiles essentielles de petit grain, de clou de girofle et d'ylang ylang, délassent et parfument délicatement la peau d'une senteur épicée et subtilement fleurie. La peau est parfaitement nettoyée, douce et nourrie. 


Huile et beurre de sésame
Nettoient en douceur la peau et nourrissent tout en offrant une mousse généreuse

Beurre de karité et huile de ricin
Maintiennent l'hydratation de la peau, nourrissent et assouplissent

Huiles essentielles de petit grain, girofle et ylang ylang
Apaisent et éveillent les sens

Argile rose et charbon de noix de coco
Purifient en douceur et absorbent les impuretés

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Complete list of ingredients

cold-saponified sesame*, castor*, coconut*, olive* oils and shea butter* , petit grain*, ylang-ylang* and clove* essential oils , french pink clay and coconut charcoal

* organic ingredients

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Julien E.
Excellent soap

Although it is quite expensive, I really like using this soap. The foam is perfect, the design is worked, the smells are refined... On the other hand, the composition is not the same as the one on the packaging, this soap is mostly composed of olive oil and shea butter. Too bad!

Aline V.

A pure moment of happiness: this soap is soft, fragrant and beautiful -

jessica d.l./.p.
Finally !!!!

Of a sweetness without name and the smell is to fall! Finally a soap that we have pleasure to put in evidence in our bathroom !!!!

What a scam!

22 € for a soap to use in the shower is a joke???!

Dear Marie, reviews are meant to expose your feedback after using a product. Not everyone is ready to put this price in a soap and we understand it perfectly. This price is explained by a production method 100% artisanal and made in France, with high quality and 100% natural ingredients. The cold saponification in the production process also explains the price, requiring a solidification time of 4 to 6 weeks. Finally, the duration of use of this soap (for 1 person washing every day) is 3 months, which brings the price of the product per month to about 7 euros, and without plastic pollution afterwards, nor in the rinsing water either.

I love it!

I'm a big fan of the originality of these soaps! It's a little gift for me when I go to someone's house for dinner (much more atypical than flowers!).
And the composition is amazing: I've been using it under the shower for a few weeks now to wash my body and it's not drying at all, on the contrary my skin is soft thanks to the vegetable oils and comfortable afterwards!
And not to take anything away, it's MADE IN FRANCE and the smells are amazing! :-)