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Wild & The Moon

La vocation Wild and The Moon ? Faire bénéficier aux plus citadins d’entre-nous tous les bienfaits du monde végétal. En plus de ses restaurants, Wild and The Moon propose désormais une large gamme de superaliments, compléments alimentaires et encas sains… et délicieux ! Triés sur le volet, tous les aliments sont issus de l’agriculture biologique et sourcés le plus localement possible pour chouchouter votre santé et la planète ! En savoir plus...

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  • Superfoods that are easy to adopt
  • Healthy and delicious alternatives
  • Home-made recipes
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The beginnings of Wild & The Moon

The sweet name of Wild & The Moon surely tells you something. It is indeed the name of 8 trendy Parisian restaurants. On the menu? Acai bowl, granola or matcha latte! In addition to being a delicious restaurant, Wild & The Moon now offers some of its exclusive preparations and supplements online! Wild & The Moon is more than a brand, it's a real movement created by a tribe of life, nature and food lovers, chefs, nutritionists and naturopaths who are looking to share their lifestyle, and believe above all that real food is good for you, good for the planet and delicious."

Wild & The Moon Paris products

Wild & The Moon offers a whole range of gourmet and very healthy products! But be careful, not just any products! The ingredients are local, seasonal, organic or wild and from responsible trade. These food supplements are full of therapeutic virtues. "They are good for the body because they allow access to the healing power of Nature and offer it to city dwellers, to nourish souls and revive smiles through the powerful alchemy of plants." Such is the credo of Wild & The Moon Paris! 

Our favorites Wild & The Moon 

At Oh My Cream, we have selected the cream of the crop from the Wild & The Moon brand. Among our favorites, you can find food supplements and superfoods. To age gracefully, fill up on antioxidants with Acai Powder! If you want to incorporate these superfoods into your teas, Chai Mix or Matcha Powder should please you! Real immunity and energy boosters. Finally, the beauty supermix is ideal for those who want to naturally improve the quality of their skin. 

CBD Oil 15% Wild & The Moon Paris

TheCBD Oil 15% Wild & The Moon is issued from hemp. Without trace of THC (no psychoactive effect nor risk of addiction), the cannabidiol (CBD), appears among the sixty components which one finds in the cannabis. Relaxing, it facilitatessleep and soothes anxiety disorders. It is also now recognized to calm the concerns of digestion, relieving the intestinal disorders like the cramps of stomach. Muscle pain and chronic pain (such as osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia) can also be alleviated by taking it.