La force du végétal made in Nouvelle Zélande.
Miel de manuka antibactérien, kiwi revitalisant, huile d’avocat régénérante… Tous ces actifs reconnus pour leurs propriétés exceptionnelles sur la peau, proviennent de Nouvelle Zélande. Retrouvez-les dans les soins Antipodes, cultivés localement, sans pesticides et de façon raisonnée ! En savoir plus...

Why we like it :

  • Her cult anti-imperfection line
  • Full of antioxidants
  • Sweet and green fragrances
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The cult mask with Manuka honey

Discover the multiple benefits of Manuka honey in the iconic Aura Manuka Honey Masque Purifiant Antipodes, with its sweet scent of vanilla mandarin...

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Collagen booster treatment

A veritable cocoon for the skin, Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream is the cult moisturizer that boosts collagen production by 92%.

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Antipodes, a range of 100% natural cosmetics

Antipodes has been one of our favorite brands for years. Why do we still love it so much? Let's start by mentioning its ultra-clean compositions, whose ingredients are all, without exception, sourced from nature. This is thanks to the brand's in-depth knowledge of New Zealand plants, Antipodes cosmetics offers targeted, effective skin care products, featuring avocado oil to nourish and regenerate, Mamaku black fern to protect and firm, and the famous Manuka honey to moisturize and purify. The little extra that makes all the difference? The creams Antipodes and all its skincare products never neglect the sensorial dimension: creamy textures and gourmet scents, including the brand's signature fragrance of vanilla and honey. Last but not least, the gentleness of our products means that even problem and sensitive skin can benefit from our products. Antipodes cosmetics with eyes closed. 

Antipodes' cult cosmetics

It's been a long time since care was first introduced. Antipodes on our displays... And some products have stood out for their remarkable quality. The big winner? The Manuka honey mask fromAntipodes. With its creamy texture and delicious scent, this mask intensely cleanses and moisturizes the skin, while purifying it thanks to its antibacterial power. At last, a mask that doesn't compromise between cleansing and moisturizing! The second cult product is the Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Contour. Its moisturizing, smoothing and repairing actions have brightened up more than a few eyes! Finally, for intensely nourishing dry skin, Divine Face Oil is a must-have... Beneath its sweet orange and jamsin fragrance, its collagen-boosting, nourishing and anti-aging ingredients are perfect for dry, mature skin on a daily basis. In fact, for ultra-dry skin, you can combine this treatment oil with theAntipodes cream night at the Avocat THE cocooning night cream for intensely regenerating skin at night. 

Looking for a 100% Antipodes cream beauty routine? 

And for a daily routine made up of 100% of Antipodes cosmeticsHere is our selection. Start your skincare routine with a cleansing routine: this is essential to limit minor skin problems. For example, you can use Hallelujah Facial Cleanser byAntipodesa cleansing milk with invigorating lemony notes that eliminates impurities, cleanses deeply and revitalizes for an immediate radiance boost! Next, spray on Ananda Gentle Antioxidant Lotion, a toning lotion bursting with antioxidants to soothe and protect sensitive and reactive skin, and ideal for protecting urban skin from the damaging effects of pollution. Next, opt for H20 Hosanna Serum Antipodes for a radiant complexion and intensely rehydrated skin. Last but not least Antipodes cream de jour Vanilla Pod, a moisturizing and nourishing cream that provides immediate comfort and a sensation of freshness.