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Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil Pai Skincare

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L'huile de soin culte et universelle de la marque, aux vertus régénérantes pour aider à la cicatrisation, réparer les peaux endommagées et corriger les irrégularités du teint.

Container : 30 ml

L'huile de soin culte et universelle de la marque, aux vertus régénérantes pour aider à la cicatrisation, réparer les peaux endommagées et corriger les irrégularités du teint.

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Skin types

Tous les types de peaux, idéal pour celles abîmées, sujettes au vieillissement prématuré, ou les teints brouillés.

Skin Concerns

Sensibilités et Rougeurs, Premières rides, Manque d'éclat & Uniformité du teint

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Pai Skincare

Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

Capacity: 30 ml


The team insight

Une huile multi-usage et certifiée bio, best-seller de la marque, riche en acide tout trans rétinoïque (le pouvoir du rétinol, sans l'irritation!) pour raffermir et embellir les peaux abîmées ou sujettes aux rides, mais aussi atténuer les taches et imperfections !

Usage tips



Le type de peau et le niveau d'hydratation détermineront la fréquence d'application de l'huile (Peau mixte ou grasse: 1 à 2 fois par semaine / Peau normale: 2 à 3 fois par semaine / Peau sèche : chaque soir). Masser 2-3 gouttes d'huile sur une peau légèrement humide jusqu'à absorption totale.

L'Huile BioRegenerate Rosier Sauvage est une huile de soin aux propriétés hautement régénérantes. Elle réduit toutes les altérations cutanées, des cicatrices aux imperfections, en passant par les inflammations et les désordres pigmentaires. Les peaux endommagées et fragilisées retrouvent douceur et souplesse, le teint est plus uniforme et l'élasticité cutanée est maintenue. L'hydratation est améliorée et les dommages causés par le soleil atténués. 


Huile de rosier sauvage
Aide à la réparation cellulaire grâce à sa forte concentration en pro vitamine A, caroténoïdes, omégas 3, 6, 7 & 9 en acide gamma linolénique.

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Complete list of ingredients

Rosa Canina Seed Extract (CO2), Rosa Canina Fruit Extract (CO2), Tocopherol, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract.

*99.7% of the ingredients are certified organic.

This list of ingredients is subject to change. Please consult the packaging of the product purchased.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 597 reviews

    Since its release by PAÎ, it has been part of my ritual for dry, sensitive skin.
    I apply it by warming it and massaging it in, it gives me a healthy glow and soothes my redness.
    I've used several rose oils, but this is the one I'm buying again Concern:Sensitivity & Redness

    I love it

    Having already tested a face oil in the past (prickly pear seed), this one exceeds all my expectations and is compatible with my acne. This oil repairs the skin, fades scars and is now part of my nightly routine :)
    Cleansing with goat's milk soap-->hyaluronic acid serum-->moisturizing cream-->facial oil. Concern:Lack of radiance & Uneven skin tone

    A must-have

    I love this oil, I've been ordering it regularly since 2019, I discovered it when I was pregnant and it saved me. It does my reactive and dry skin a world of good, and I really appreciate its raw scent. Today, I apply 3 or 4 drops to damp skin in the evening, and my skin absorbs it all, leaving it soft and shine-free. Concern:First Wrinkles

    Francoise V.M.
    Great product!

    For me, the product of the year!

    Annie B.
    Magic oil

    I'm very satisfied with this Night Oil, which treats redness, spots and wrinkles. My skin is smoother when I wake up and redness is reduced. I'm sorry I bought a small bottle, but I'm going to remedy that quickly. Concern:Wrinkles

    Our opinion on Pai Skincare BioRegenerate Oil, the 100% regenerating wild rose oil!

    Pai Skincare BioRegenerate Wild Rose Oil is one of our universal skincare oils universal skincare oils. Its main ingredient, wild rose oil, helps your cells regenerate. This certified organic product is the perfect ally to help damaged skin heal and heal skin prone to blemishes and acne. It even soothes sensitive skin that tends to redden thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, and restores suppleness to skin prone to premature aging. In short, BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil is a clean, multi-purpose oil that has become THE best-sellingproduct of the Pai Skincare brand.

    Pai Skincare, a range of products ideal for sensitive and intolerant skin.

    Like BioRegenerate Wild Rose Oil, the rest of the product line offered by Pai Skincare has been created and adopted by sensitive and intolerant skin. Their advanced compositions associated with 100% natural ingredients certified organic and vegan, will allow the most sensitive skin to treat their problems effectively and above all... Gently. Less sensitive skin will love Pai Skincare products just as much thanks to their creamy textures and unparalleled comfort.

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