Le make-up ultra-coloré qui donne envie d'oser.
Créée par Violette, la make-up artist parisienne installée à New-York, Violette_FR est une marque de maquillage joyeuse, intuitive et saturée en pigments. Elle démystifie la couleur et invite à s’amuser avec des textures et des teintes qu’on aurait pourtant jamais osé porter ;). En savoir plus...

Why we like it :

  • Her tutorials turn us into make-up artists!
  • Iconic products that make you want to dare colour
  • Clever multi-purpose care products such as Boum-Boum Milk
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Innovative multi-use skincare and pigment-rich make-up: discover the world of the make-up brand that makes you want to dare!

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A word from the designer

"My ambition in creating VIOLETTE_FR was to enable everyone to celebrate themselves through make-up, and to explore this form of creativity that makes each of us both muse and artist, while caring for our skin and hair.... Every formula, every colour, every texture, every object I've created expresses this message. And the idea that true beauty involves being intimately connected to our moods and emotions."

- Violette Serrat

Violette_FR, makeup artist Violette Serrat's daring brand! 

Created by New York-based French make-up artist Violette Serrat, VIOLETTE_FR is the make-up brand that makes you want to dare, and the latest addition to our shelves. With her unique vision of beauty as a way to celebrate, care for and love oneself, Violette Serrat imagined VIOLETTE_FR as the brand that makes you want to dare and free yourself from the quest for perfection. A little background... When she was younger, Violette Serrat had a passion for painting and art. It was when a friend asked her to do her make-up that the future make-up artist discovered a new passion for beauty. After trying her luck in New York, it was her meeting with Carine Roitfeld that launched her career as a make-up artist. Read all about her story here

Violette_FR's cult makeup for a daring look colour

Textures that multiply uses, pigment-saturated shades and products with intuitive application... Violette FR has had no trouble winning us over with make-up that makes us want to dare and, above all, transforms even the most novice into make-up artists. And if the whole team has already fallen for Yeux Paint Violette fr, it's thanks to the tutorials provided by founder and make-up artist Violette_FR, who proves that a bronze or magenta smoky look can be achieved without a full palette of eyeshadows, as long as you have a Yeux Paint in your beauty kit! These intensely colored eyeshadows give eyes a natural matte or ultra-shimmer finish in a single stroke. And for the mouth, we fall for the Petal Bouchea transfer-free matte red that's ultra-comfortable on the lips, for an irresistibly flawless red mouth. 

Boum Boum Milk Violette_FR, a smart cult skincare product

The make-up brand's cult treatment, the Boum Boum Milk is one of those beauty essentials you'll have no trouble adopting! Innovative and unique, this spray cream features a clinically-proven 3-in-1 formula, combining the benefits of a lotion, serum and moisturizer. A smart skincare product that moisturizes and prepares the complexion for make-up, and offers a fresh effect all day long on face, hair and even body! But Boum Boum Milk isn't the only VIOLETTE FR cult product to be found on our shelves... It's Cream, Frange Puff or the Rescue Serums... Now you can find all Violette_FR skincare and make-up products at Oh My Cream