Collagen Combeau

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30 sticks of 3gr

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Une poudre de collagène (sans odeur ni goût !) qui agit sur les signes de l’âge, améliore l’éclat du teint et préserve l’hydratation de la peau.
Une poudre de collagène (sans odeur ni goût !) qui agit sur les signes de l’âge, améliore l’éclat du teint et préserve l’hydratation de la peau.

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Skin Concerns

Déshydratation, Premières rides, Rides installées, Manque d'éclat & Uniformité du teint

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The team insight

Le collagène marin justement dosé et hautement assimilable. Sans goût, ni odeur.

Usage tips



A tout moment de la journée, prenez 1 à 2 sticks par jour, dilué(s) dans la boisson (chaude ou froide) de votre choix. Idéalement en cure de 3 mois mais il peut aussi être pris en continu.

Notre astuce : versez le collagène, puis votre eau pour une dilution optimale.

Ne pas dépasser la dose journalière conseillée. Tenir hors de portée des enfants.
Ne se substitue pas à un régime alimentaire varié et équilibré et à un mode de vie sain. Conserver dans un endroit sec à une température inférieure à 25°C, à l’abri de la lumière.

Le Collagène est un complément universel sous forme de poudre (à diluer dans la boisson ou l'aliment de votre choix), sans goût, ni odeur, hautement soluble et absorbable qui s’intègre facilement à votre quotidien.
Formulé à 100% de peptides hydrolysés de collagène marin naturel, il augmente la synthèse de collagène endogène, diminue les rides d’expression, améliore l’élasticité et la fermeté de la peau et préserve son hydratation.
Résultats ? La peau est hydratée, repulpée, elle retrouve fermeté et élasticité, le teint est plus uniforme et plus lumineux et les rides significativement réduites.

Résultats prouvés :
Diminue significativement (méthode de L'atlas de Bazin-Doublet) les rides d'expression au bout de 12 semaines :
- 60 % de rides péribuccales*
- 70% de pattes d'oie*

- Amélioration de l’élasticité et la fermeté de la peau.**
- Amélioration de l’uniformité et l’éclat de la peau.**
- Préservation de l’hydratation de la peau.**

*’Étude clinique, randomisée, contre placebo, menée en double aveugle sur 95 femmes âgées en moyenne de 56 ans, pendant 12 semaines, pour une prise orale quotidienne de 2,5g.
** Étude clinique, randomisée, contre placebo, menée en double aveugle sur 60 femmes âgées en moyenne 56 ans, pour une prise orale quotidienne de 5g.


100% Collagène Marin
Diminue les rides, améliore l’élasticité et la fermeté et préserve l’hydratation

See the INCI list

Complete list of ingredients

Ingredients and nutritional composition for 2 sticks:
100% Hydrolyzed natural marine collagen (6 g)
Allergens: Contains fish.
No additives, no preservatives, gluten-free.
Responsible sourcing. Friend of the Sea® certified collagen.
Made in France.

This list of ingredients is subject to change. Please consult the packaging of the product purchased.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews

I've been following the treatment for 2 months now and the results have exceeded my expectations.
Skeptical at first, I've come to realize that my skin is plumper, clearer and firmer.
I'm R.A.V.I.E. Concern:Loss of firmness

An inconclusive trial

This dietary supplement has no real taste. On the other hand, its effectiveness is unproven. No improvement in complexion, tone, hydration or even wrinkles. Quite disappointed.
Concern:Installed wrinkles

Beautiful skin

I use it as a complement to the Belle Peau capsule treatment and I really see results on pores and radiance. No taste, so easy to drink. However, I find that it doesn't mix well. I always get little lumps at the bottom of the glass that I can't melt. Concern:Shine & Dilated pores

stephanie c.
Collagen Combeau

I've been on this course of treatment for over two months now, and I tolerate it very well, finding it relatively tasteless. It's quite convenient to take it in coffee. As for the results, I have the impression that there has been a slight improvement, i.e. a few less wrinkles, the skin more plumped up. But of course it's not miraculous either. However, I feel I've gained in firmness and look less tired, with less drawn features.
I'd definitely recommend it! Concern:First wrinkles

Carine C.

No real change in the appearance of my skin and I've been taking collagen for 5 weeks.
Concern:Settled wrinkles

Hello Carine, we're sorry to hear that you weren't 100% satisfied with this product, which may not have met your expectations. Please do not hesitate to contact us by live chat from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm so that we can best guide you in your choices.
See you soon, Charlotte ♡

Why take marine collagen?

Collagen is a protein naturally present throughout the body. It is collagen that ensures the elasticity and regeneration of our skin tissues. However, between the ages of 25 and 30, its concentration decreases, leading to the appearance of the first signs of skin aging : a dull complexion, more pronounced features, localized wrinkles and fine lines, and slower skin recovery. What can you do to make up for this loss? Turn to an adapted routine or a marine collagen cure to boost our internal production, while targeting the various signs of skin ageing. Collagen is regularly found in moisturizers, serums and dietary supplements formulated with marine collagen. They help stimulate its natural production. And the benefits of collagen are as manifold for the skin as they are for the body and hair.

What are the benefits of marine collagen?

Marine collagen is renowned for its benefits to the skin. It improves skin elasticity, hydration, firmness and quality. What's more, thanks to its antioxidant properties, it supports the body's collagen production, making it the perfect natural anti-aging ally. Marine collagen also has numerous benefits for our hair, nails and even our bodies. 

In fact, collagen is found in the amino acid (proline) needed to produce keratin. Collagen is also known to promote hair growth. So, with a marine collagen treatment, hair is shinier, stronger and healthier. Marine collagen is also highly beneficial for nails, strengthening them. Last but not least, collagen can be recommended in cases of chronic pain, as it helps keep joints supple and healthy. Find out more about the benefits of collagen here.

When should I take Le Collagène Combeau marine collagen?

Thanks to its stick format and tasteless, odorless formulation, Le Collagène Combeau is the easy-to-take marine collagen cure that adapts to our routine. A cure of 1 to 3 months is recommended, although it can be taken over time. What's more, it can be taken at any time of day, diluted in the drink or dish of your choice.