Tata Harper

Tata Harper

Tata Harper

Tata Harper

La Roll's de l'anti-âge en version 100% naturelle.
Pionnière des soins bios haut de gamme, c’est dans sa ferme de 500 hectares au cœur du Vermont aux États-Unis, que Tata Harper cultive et produit tous ses flacons verts… depuis 2002 ! Jamais une gamme n’a contenu autant d’ingrédients actifs (allant jusqu’à plus de 70 actifs dans un seul soin), et sans aucun ingrédient synthétique. Une ligne exceptionnelle en terme de performance, de durabilité, mais aussi de sensorialité. En savoir plus...

Why we like it :

  • Its record concentration of assets
  • Its iconic anti-ageing range
  • Its local manufacture
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Anti-aging lip balm

A cross between anti-aging care and makeup, Tata Harper Lip Crème is the nourishing care with a shiny finish you need in your handbag!

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For a 100% sensory beauty break

Treat yourself to a beauty break with Tata Harper protocols. 100% organic cabin treatments that combine sensoriality with effectiveness.

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Tata Harper, the pioneer of high-end organic products at Oh My Cream

Since its creation in 2010, the little green bottles Tata Harper green bottles are now well known and represent the new generation of organic and cutting edge beauty products. Made of 100% natural active ingredients, the products in the range are free of synthetic and artificial chemical components. If their effectiveness is not in doubt, it is because Tata Harper, in her Vermont farm, concocts her mixtures with a sharp knowledge of nature, and has developed products with a record concentration of active ingredients. Turning to organic cosmetics no longer means sacrificing results. Thanks to its expert technique, Tata Harper beauty care products represent the rolls of organic luxury, especially in terms of anti-aging technology. Rather tempting, isn't it? And if the brand won us over, it's not only because it was one of the first to join the Oh My Cream adventure with its high-end organic skincare products, but also because its sensorial skincare products are incomparably effective.


Among the cult treatments from Tata Harper: the resurfacing and purifying masks

The success of the brand is based on its best-sellers, starting with the Resurfacing Mask Tata Harper, surely the brand's must-have. This 100% radiance mask with enzymes and pink clay gently exfoliates all skin types (even the most sensitive) and offers an immediate radiant complexion. Another cult treatment from the brand with the unmistakable green bottles: the Purifying Mask Tata Harper, this detoxifying treatment fights against the harmful effects of pollution on the skin to reveal the skin's radiance and better protect it from the oxidative stress responsible for premature skin aging. 

The beauty secrets of Tata Harper

The key to a truly effective beauty routine according to Auntie Harper? A regular and daily application of skin care products, morning and night! There's no point in changing your products all the time to test the latest innovations: opt for perfectly adapted products and give your skin time to regenerate. For Tata Harper, the morning ritual is an exfoliating cleansing with Regenerating Cleanser. In the evening, she relies on a double cleansing with the Nourishing Oil Cleanser and the Purifying Cleanser. For hydration, she likes to layer her products: first a cream, like Repairative Moisturiser, then a treatment oil, for absolute comfort and maximum hydration. Finally, her weekly treat is her Sunday spa ritual, where she takes her weekly beauty routines and completes them with more targeted treatments, like the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask for example!