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1er Geste Essentiel d'Oh My Cream, le double nettoyage est la base d’une peau saine et lumineuse ! La première étape se compose d’une huile démaquillante ou un baume démaquillant, qui va déloger toutes les impuretés de nature grasse.

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The Huile Démaquillante

Rinsable in the blink of an eye, it eliminates all impurities in its path, without ever attacking. And that fresh, naturalcitrus and coriander scent... addictive!

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The Huile Demaquillante Eclar

Discover Patyka's makeup remover oil, enriched with organic vegetable oils that eliminate all traces of makeup on its way, for a luminous and comfortable skin.

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What is the best face make-up remover for your skin?

Whether you have dry skin, normal skin, combination skin or oily skin, an oil-based make-up remover is the best solution for removing your face and eyes. Indeed, there is nothing like an oily body (a make-up removing oil or a make-up remover balm) to dissolve all your make-up (even waterproof make-up) in a single step and in a way that respects your skin. What's more, there's no need to use a two-phase eye make-up remover and a micellar lotion for your face: the make-up remover oil takes care of everything. It's a good thing that there are many options: from natural make-up remover oilsorganic make-up remover oils or make-up remover balms... There is something for every taste and every skin type! Do you have dry skin? We recommend our Make-Up Removing Oil Oh My Cream Skincare. Do you have combination or oily skin? Our Make-Up Removing Balm Oh My Cream Skincare ! Finally, one of the other advantages of make-up remover oils or balms is that they can be used without cotton wool! They are therefore more ecological make-up removers. 

Which natural make-up remover for my sensitive skin? 

If you have sensitive skin, you'll appreciate using a make-up remover face oil even more. Yes, not only do vegetable oils (jojoba oil, castor oil, sesame oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, etc.) cleanse your skin, but they also provide it with a concentrate of softening, calming and soothing active ingredients. In short, they are real cleansing products! Follow your oil make-up removal with a gentle face cleanser to complete the removal. Your skin is now ready to receive care adapted to sensitive skin: a soothing lotion, a serum and a day cream. Want to know more about double cleansing? Read our tips on how to double cleanse. really effective face make-up removal

Which natural make-up remover for combination skin? 

If you have combination or oily skin (or even blemish-prone skin), you may think that make-up remover oils are not your friend, but there is nothing like a good natural make-up remover oil based on non-comedogenic plant oils to perfectly clean your skin and regulate your sebum production. Indeed, vegetable oils are a formidable weapon for balancing skin that produces too much sebum. Our beauty tip? Introduce facial oils to your beauty routine to remove make-up perfectly and limit the appearance of imperfections and blackheads! We also advise you to use make-up remover oils that emulsify with water and not pure vegetable oils that may be more difficult to rinse off. 

Which natural eye make-up remover should I choose? 

Oils and balms are also very effective for the eyes. You may have already noticed that two-phase eye make-up removers are made up of a water phase and an oil phase? Well, it's the oil phase that gets rid of all waterproof mascara. So you can imagine that putting make-up remover oil directly on your lashes will remove the most stubborn eye make-up at the speed of light!

What about an organic make-up remover oil?

For sensitive skin or simply for fans of organic products, theorganic makeup remover oil has a lot to offer and at Oh My Cream, we also have some on our shelves. Pai Skincare, the leading organic brand for sensitive skin, has of course developed a remarkable organic makeup remover oil. The Lightwork Huile Démaquillante Rosier Sauvage with its plant oils of rose hip and castor is the ideal care for a cleansed, invigorated and toned skin! At Patyka, a French brand, theHuile Démaquillante Eclair is also very popular thanks to its universality. We're also a big fan of its soft and enveloping scent. Finally, Tata Harper's Nourishing Oil Cleanser has been a cult product for years with its generous texture and green scent, which will appeal to dry and mature skin in particular.