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Pour réveiller et agrandir le regard, découvrez nos crayons et eye-liners clean pour un smocky léger et flou ou un liner graphique.
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Sublimate your eyes: Eyeliner or pencils for the eyes?

To intensify and awaken your eyes, eyeliners and pencils are the most common products. But is there really a difference between the two? The pencil is the ideal product to enhance your eyes by intensifying them. As far as colour is concerned, there are no rules: it's all in the application to avoid a too bland or tired effect with brown, or on the contrary too hard with a black pencil... And for a more graphic and/or retro effect, eyeliner is the perfect product! 

How to use eyeliner or pencil correctly?

The rule for a successful pencil or eyeliner line: don't rush! There are different types of eyeliner: the felt-tip, ideal for beginners, the kohl format and finally the brush, which requires a little more dexterity. We guide you in the practice: 

  • The first step is to apply an eye primer. This will ensure that your liner stays on better and will also prevent it from running. You can complete with a neutral eye shadow to unify it. 

  • Then place your pencil or eyeliner on the lash line and draw a thin line from the outside to the inside of the eye. To make sure you don't go overboard, always find a place to rest your elbow (on the edge of a table or sink, for example) and look straight ahead. 

  • It's up to you to vary the thickness of your line: more or less intense, with or without comma! 

  • Want a smoky effect? You can use a brush or cotton swab to slightly blur the line :-) Of course, this is best done with a pencil, as gel eye liners do not fade. 

Eyeliners and pencils at Oh My Cream

Because at Oh My Cream, makeup also rhymes with clean, our pencils and eyeliners have been carefully selected and are made of ingredients with multiple benefits.

If you're looking for a pencil, we recommend Jane Iredale 'sEye Pencil : with mineral pigments and no chemical colorants...ideal for all eyes, even the most sensitive. 

For a more structured look, Ilia 's Clean Line Liquid Eye Liner intensifies your look in seconds with its intense black pigments. In addition, its felt-tip format guarantees PAR-FAI-TE precision. If, on the other hand, you're more comfortable with a brush format, Mystikol Jane Iredale will allow you to achieve precise, fine lines as well as smoky smudges!