Susanne Kaufmann

Susanne Kaufmann

Susanne Kaufmann

Susanne Kaufmann

Les soins ultra-nourrissants issus des Alpes autrichiennes.
C’est au cœur des Alpes autrichiennes qu’est née la marque Susanne Kaufmann, initialement destinée à être utilisée pour son spa. Depuis toujours passionnée par les bienfaits des plantes, Susanne Kaufmann s’inspire directement de la nature environnante, utilisant les plantes issues des montagnes, forêts et plaines de sa région, et les associant à des actifs de pointe. Grâce à sa fabrication locale et raisonnée, Susanne Kaufmann a su redynamiser toute une région. En savoir plus...

Why we like it :

  • The "spa" sensoriality of its treatments
  • Its anti-ageing range
  • Highly durable
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Susanne Kaufmann 2.0
More effective, more responsible. (Re)discover our ultra-nourishing cult products from the Austrian Alps.
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"Sustainability, the use of renewable resources, science and intelligent product design have been essential to the development of our skincare range for nearly two decades."

- Susanne Kaufmann

Susanne Kaufmann: a range of Austrian products at Oh My Cream

The Susanne Kaufmann brand was born in Austria, in the heart of nature. This holistic beauty company was conceived for use in the designer's spa. Passionate about plants From a very early age, Susanne Kaufmann has carefully selected each ingredient, integrating them into formulas that are as natural as possible. Committed to a simple lifestyle, she advocates the use of glass packaging and develops refills to limit waste in the bathroom.

What are the benefits of Susanne Kaufmann products?

Many of the brand's products are among the Oh My Cream team's favorites. From body gels and facial cleansers to lip balms, every part of the body has its own beauty nugget. The spa-like sensoriality makes every moment spent in the shower a moment of well-being. The range Susanne Kaufmann offers effective daily skincare routines adapted to different skin types. Visit Firming Oil for example, will gently stimulate collagen and firm the skin. Visit Cleansing Gel will cleanse and purify skin with imperfections. 

Susanne Kaufmann Skin Care Oil

A real favourite of our team, this dry oil penetrates instantly and gives a superb glow to the cheeks in just a few drops... without a greasy finish!

Face Oil Line F contains a complex of plant oils including broccoli, corn and sunflower oils that help reduce shine and enlarged pores by rebalancing sebum production. Argan and carrot oils ensure a radiant complexion while preventing the signs of ageing, while pomegranate seed and apricot kernel oils help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and provide light nourishment.