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Étape clé pour une peau souple et rebondie, la crème hydratante est un geste beauté essentiel. Crèmes riches pour hydrater, gel frais pour rééquilibrer, baume fondant pour apaiser Découvrez la crème hydratante adaptée à votre type de peau et vos besoins.
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Combining the effects of a lotion, serum and moisturizer, Boum Boum Milk Violette_FR balances, soothes and moisturizes for a one-step beauty routine!

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Moisturising face cream

The moisturizer is THE base of your beauty routine that you should not miss. Of course, this product is known to all, but do you really know how a moisturizer works and when to use it? Thanks to its watery formula, the moisturizing cream recharges your skin with water and prevents its dehydration, thanks to its action on the hydrolipidic film (protective film) on the skin's surface. Aggressed by the cold but also certain cleansing for the face, this one thus requires to be cherished by an adapted product. Obviously, depending on the composition of the moisturizer in question, other actions can be obtained, such as regulating the production of sebum for example.

The importance of hydration in a daily routine

As the seasons go by, your skin is put to the test: pollution, temperature variations, but also hormonal changes, so many elements that directly influence your skin's balance but whose impact can be minimized with the help of adapted products. Thus, much more than a repairing care, your moisturizing cream can intervene on several problems. In the morning, it acts as a shield against the day's aggressions. It is also ideal for preparing your skin for makeup. At night, your skin regenerates naturally. But it is important to give it a little help in this process, by adopting a moisturizing cream for the face.

How to choose your moisturizer according to your skin type?

Choosing the right cream for your skin type and the problems you encounter can quickly become a headache. There are two golden rules when it comes to selecting your cream. Firstly, avoid empty formulas that are useless for your skin type. Synthetic perfumes, poor quality silicones and other chemical additives that do not benefit your skin should be avoided. Secondly, pay attention to certain "star" active ingredients. Instead, turn to components such as vegetable oils, shea butter or aloe vera to moisturize, but also to other active ingredients targeted for each problem. Zinc to purify, vitamin C to illuminate, hyaluronic acid to plump up.... For more advice, discover our beauty post dedicated to the issue. If you wish, you can also ask for more detailed advice on your skin and its needs with a skin diagnosis in the boutique or on our website :-)

Normal, oily or dehydrated skin... Which cream is right for you?

Does your skin feel tight, red and peeling? This means that it is lacking in moisture. For this, we recommend you try the universal cream Oh My Cream Skincare, one of our best-sellers, which will bring you soothing and comfort. L'Avocado Skin Antipodes can also help very dehydrated skin regain a velvety feel.
Are you prone to small imperfections? You can opt for Pai 's Geranium & Thistle Organic Moisturizing Day Cream which will gently regulate excess sebum and reduce your imperfections. The Patyka Matte Perfecting Fluid will regulate the shine of combination to oily skin by providing that much sought after matte effect. Don't hesitate to discover more with the beauty post dedicated to choosing your moisturizer in winter.

How to use a moisturizer in an optimal way?

First step (and not the least), it is important that your skin is perfectly cleansed before applying any other product. To do this, start by cleansing your face with oil or a cleansing milk, such as the makeup remover balm Oh My Cream Skincare, followed by a suitable cleanser (or lotion). Rule of thumb if you use a serum: ALWAYS apply it before your moisturizer. Now for the final step: start by applying your face cream to your cheeks with upward strokes for a lifting effect. Finish with the T-zone of your face. You can also use light tapping motions to stimulate circulation.

Therefore, it is essential to establish an adapted routine to ensure the balance of your skin and prevent any inconvenience!