Supplements & Superfood

Supplements & Superfood

Supplements & Superfood

La beauté passe aussi par l’intérieur ! Triés sur le volet, nos compléments alimentaires et aliments superfood ont été soigneusement sélectionnés pour vous offrir un maximum d’efficacité. Pour une jolie peau ou des cheveux de rêve, pour mieux gérer son stress ou encore booster son immunité, découvrez notre sélection. Et pour trouver le complément qu'il vous faut, rendez-vous sur notre guide.
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L'Essentiel Cheveux

An unprecedented combination of active ingredients that finally targets all problems in a single dose: hair loss, growth, density and lack of shine. Discover L'Essentiel Cheveux Combeau.

For a light silhouette

Oh My Cream Skincare Silhouette Food Supplement is the all-round detox solution for draining, aiding digestion and regulating blood sugar for a slimmer figure.

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What is the role of a dietary supplement?

Beauty also comes from within! Since our beginnings, we have been more than convinced that the path to beautiful skin is a matter of balance. But with our fast-paced lifestyles, we can't always get enough sleep, take the time to apply a face mask every week or eat a balanced diet at every meal. Taking a dietary supplement on a regular basis is undoubtedly the best way to boost your routine and your daily life. They provide the body with an additional source of nutrients and offer multiple benefits to solve our beauty concerns. To improve digestion, the condition of our skin, the growth of our hair or even boost our collagen production... These carefully selected natural concentrates are part of the solution.

What are the benefits of a food supplement?

Even if we have a healthy lifestyle and even a healthy diet, sometimes our body needs a little help to function well. Food supplements are full of benefits for the body and mind. As a complement, not a substitute fora varied and balanced and balanced diet, they provide the body with the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids it needs. In powders to be mixed or to sprinkle on our favorite dishes, in capsules or tablets, in ampoules to dilute or in herbal teas to drink, food supplements have many benefits. Everything depends on their formulation and composition, each food supplement has a different function. Everyone can find the one that suits them. Indeed, they meet a multitude of needs such as improving digestion, boosting immunity, managing stress, facilitating concentration ... Food supplements can even help with skinThey can even help with skin problems: treating blemishes, nourishing dry skin or reducing redness. Combined with an effective skin care routine, the results are quickly visible.


The selection of food supplements at Oh My Cream

It took us over a year to choose the gems beauty products on offer at Oh My Cream. Each product has been tested to ensure that you have access to the crème de la crème of nutritional supplements. Combeau, Activist, Wild & The Moon, Maison Loüno, Atelier Nubio and Cosmic Dealer have all joined our shelves. Everyone can find the right food supplement for their needs. Combeau for a multitude of skin concerns, Activist to improve immunity, Maison Loüno and Cosmic Dealer for stress management... Certified organic French brand, Atelier Nubio offers a wide range of dietary supplements for skin and hair growth, as well as to boost digestion. As for Wild & The Moontheir plant-based powders are ideal for incorporating into your dishes and drinks.

Our cult food supplements

Among these new gems clean, some food supplements have quickly become best-sellers. Discover in particular We want a flat stomach of naïad Atelier Nubio: 100% detoxifying herbal ampoules that relieve digestive disorders, drain and decongest the abdominal area for an optimal intestinal well-being. Its "flat belly" effect blew us away! You may also like The Essential Skin Combeau, a food supplement with a clever cocktail of 7 super-powerful active ingredients, which reveals the natural beauty of each skin. Finally, We want a mermaid's hair Atelier Nubio, 100% plant-based ampoules with soothing and remineralizing properties, to balance the scalp and strengthen hair and nails... 

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