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Cosmic Dealer, the art of holistic well-being

Hygiene, superfoods, aromatherapy... Discover gems Cosmic Dealer, the brand dedicated to well-being that draws its inspiration from traditional Indian medicine for cosmic well-being gems .

Cosmic dealer, a committed brand dedicated to well-being

A young brand founded in 2020, Cosmic Dealer is the benevolent wellness guru that was missing in the busy lives that sometimes forget their health. Created by 5 wellness enthusiasts, convinced that small daily gestures can have real changes, the brand draws its inspiration from traditional Indian medicine: Ayurveda. Cosmic Dealer has made this ancestral holistic medicine technique its strength. In a perpetual quest for quality, they work with the best workshops and small local businesses to support communities and craftsmanship. Thus Cosmic Dealer signs cosmic wellness products that will amaze you.

Ayurveda 2.0

A holistic medical approach, Ayurveda was born in India no less than 5000 years ago. An ancestral science of life that focuses on the body and that inspired Cosmic Dealer to look for gems wellness that really feels good. If Ayurveda combines detoxifying and purifying techniques, as well as relaxation rituals, treatments and many other practices and remedies, Cosmic Deal has put it all together in gems like its Tongue Scraper and its delicious and effective chocolate bars.

Our favorite products Cosmic Dealer

  • Ayurvedic copper tongue scraper It is the beauty gesture that once tested, one cannot do without it any more so much it leaves a feeling of pleasant lightness. Because this Ayurvedic tongue scraper boosts the natural process of detoxification of the body. It gently eliminates the harmful bacteria that settle during the night, ensures a better breath in the morning and a better oral hygiene and strengthens the immune system.
  • And for even fresher breath, include the Botanical Mouthwash Alternative into your oral care routine for healthy gums and fresh breath after brushing your teeth.
  • Infusion "She Slept for 100 Years For a beautiful night's sleep as pleasant as restorative, we taste this ultra-comforting infusion with subtle notes of caramel. A cocktail of Ayurvedic herbs that invites the body and mind to relax and sleep. A delight before falling into the arms of Morpheus.
  • Dark Chocolate Bar Blueberry & Ajaparita Finally a chocolate bar to consume without moderation! Ideal in case of small hunger or after a meal, it offers a good dose of superfoods to combine pleasure and well-being. The raw cocoa is mixed with blueberry and ajaparitata flowers, which stimulates collagen production and soothes tired skin. A delicious snack that cuts the feeling of hunger and gives the skin its radiant complexion.

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