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How to : Master Yeux Paint VIOLETTE_EN

We've got our eyes on you this summer! Content creator and beauty addict Franny reveals her tips for mastering the art of Yeux Paint and making your eyes look their very best (but not only) with this already cult nugget that will make you want to dare colour !

Tip 1: Use iridescent eyeliner

For a colorful, eye-enlarging cat eye, draw a line using the thinnest part of the tip of the Yeux Paint Ombre à Paupières Scintillant VIOLETTE_EN tip, then stretch your line along your upper lash line, as short as possible. You can also lightly tug on the outer corner of your eyelid to help.

Want a more intense look? Draw a thicker line! And in the event of a smudge, don't panic: use a moistened cotton bud to clean up your line.

Tip 2: Intense smoky

For a smoky eye in just 3 seconds, start by moisturizing your eyelid and making sure you don't apply any powder before applying your Yeux Paint Ombre à Paupières Scintillant VIOLETTE_FR over the entire eyelid. Blend directly with your finger, working towards the crease.

For a more intense finish, don't blend after applying your Yeux Paint! You can also apply an extra coat to intensify the effect, and draw a light line under your lash line.

Our tip for even more captivating eyes? Apply a touch of Baume Shine Enlumineur Universel in the inner corner of the eye to awaken the eyes.

Tip 3: For a total Yeux Paint look

If you've fallen for a shade of Yeux Paint Ombre à Paupe Scintillant VIOLETTE_FR that could almost go unnoticed as a blush, highlighter or lipstick, why not make the most of it? Like Franny, apply a few dabs of your stick eyeshadow to the top of your cheekbones to bring a touch of light to your complexion. Ideal for reflecting the light at the end of a summer's day! And to make your lips stand out, dab a few dabs of Yeux Paint on a well-moisturized nude mouth, or one already colored with a touch of Bisou Balm Tinted Lip Balm VIOLETTE_FR.

Find all the gems VIOLETTE_FR products that will make you want to dare colors and textures here here. And if you'd like to find out more about this already cult brand of must-have products, go here.

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