Nos cheveux aussi méritent le meilleur. Pour nettoyer en profondeur, nourrir ou encore sculpter, découvrez notre sélection cheveux pour accéder au graal capillaire !

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L'après-shampoing nourrissant

En seulement quelques minutes, l'Après-Shampoing Hydratant Oh My Cream Skincare hydrate, démêle, adoucit et booste la brillance des cheveux sans les alourdir. Et ce parfum d'avoine...

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Le cadeau surprise

Pour surprendre vos proches ce Noël, le Cracker Surprise Oh My Cream Skincare est le cadeau de Secret Santa idéal avec son duo culte et universel pour les cheveux.

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Reach the grail of hair with our hair care products! 

The secret to beautiful hair is to know exactly what your hair needs in order to create the right hair routine. Do you need moisture? Shine? Volume or deep repair? Making the right choice of shampoo, conditioner, treatment or styling products is the most important thing for healthy hair. We've reviewed our hair care nuggets that we've been offering for years, according to the different hair types.

Which treatments do we prefer for fine hair? 

First of all, you should avoid bad habits: avoid washing your hair every day as frequent shampooing can damage your scalp, which will then secrete more sebum to defend itself. Fine hair needs to be deeply moisturised. Natural products such as Rahua Volumising Shampoo are preferred. This clean must-have adds shine with ungurahua oil and aloe vera. You can complete your routine with John Masters Organics Citrus & Neroli Detangler, which can be used as a conditioner or day cream. Finally, if you want to take your hair to the next level, you can use an ultra-light, volumising mask like Cut by Fred's Moisturising Mask

What are the right treatments for dry and damaged hair?

Opt for the repairing benefits of prickly pear seed oil with Christophe Robin 's Regenerating Shampoo. This shampoo provides softness, suppleness and shine. The colour is luminous and durably protected. If your hair is sensitised by your colours, we recommend La Crème Lavante au Citron, Christophe Robin as a pre-shampoo treatment. Cream washes allow you to gently wash your hair, while leaving it moisturized and silky. In this case, it is not 

It is not necessarily necessary to apply a conditioner.

Our top treatments for unmanageable or problematic hair

For curly hair, opt for the Nourishing Hair Serum, Cut by Fred, which really helps to tame frizz and leave hair supple and shiny, all in a lightweight way. This serum is composed of jojoba, argan, castor and Abyssinian vegetable oils.

John Masters Organics Evening Primrose Oil Shampoo is also ideal for curly hair. Evening primrose oil is combined with 7 proteins and amino acids, 10 extracts and 11 certified organic plant oils. In short, this hair care product intensely moisturises and softens.

To effectively combat hair loss, we recommend the John Masters Organics Thickening Scalp Purifying Serum, which contains peppermint and meadowsweet, among other ingredients, to give the follicles a real boost for better hair growth.