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L’expertise se niche même dans les soins d’hygiène ! Déodorants naturels en pot ou en stick (mais toujours sans sels d’aluminium) ou encore dentifrices, découvrez vite notre sélection de produits d’hygiène conçus à partir d’ingrédients naturels et ultra efficaces !

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The clean deodorant you don't want to hide!

With a generous format, a soft texture that glides over the skin, unique scents crafted like real perfumes and an effective, 100% natural formula, discover Corpus deodorants.

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Agent Nateur 100% natural deodorant
A highly effective 100% natural deodorant with a fragrance combining the freshness of eucalyptus with the softness of honey and lavender...
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Are natural deodorants as effective as conventional deodorants? 

Should you say goodbye to your conventional deodorant and switch to an organic or natural deodorant? Aluminium salts, paraben or triclosan... many ingredients have had their harmlessness questioned over the years. 

Which natural deodorant should I choose?

At Oh My Cream, we are convinced that effectiveness and safety are not incompatible and that a good natural deodorant can be used in conjunction with a good sports session. The deodorants we have selected are not only non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and full of natural active ingredients, but they are also real skin care products. So you can trust our selection of deodorants to smell good! 

Classic deodorant vs. natural deodorant 

Conventional deodorants contain aluminium salts that block the natural perspiration process: the body can no longer evacuate toxins properly and in the long term this can become very harmful. In contrast, natural deodorants regulate perspiration (even excessive perspiration!) and neutralise unpleasant odours naturally. However, they cannot combat perspiration 100% as it would be abnormal to block the evacuation of toxins.

If you want to know more about the ingredients to avoid, read our great article Which natural deodorant to choose, what ingredients to avoid?

With or without baking soda? Find the natural deodorant that suits you!

The ingredients most often found in natural deodorants are: baking soda, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, lavender essential oil and sage essential oil. They are mainly known for their absorbent, anti-odour and antibacterial properties. Nevertheless, for sensitive skin, we recommend avoiding essential oils and baking soda, which could cause irritation. But don't panic! There are, of course, natural, fragrance-free deodorants for sensitive skin that are hypoallergenic and super-effective, such as Schmidt's Sensitive Natural Deodorant. 

The underarm detox process 

A word of warning if you are new to natural deodorants... because your armpits will need a little time to adjust! Indeed, if your sweat glands have been suffocated by aluminium salts for several years, it is possible that they will produce excess perspiration for the first few days. But don't be discouraged, your pores will thank you: your natural sweating process will regulate itself and you will be able to say goodbye to the unpleasant odours of perspiration! You'll be amazed!