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Pai Skincare

Le spécialiste des peaux sensibles.
Peau sensible, intolérante ? Pai Skincare fait sans conteste partie des marques clean reconnues depuis des années pour ses soins haute-tolérance et certifiés. Si sa fameuse Huile de Rosier Sauvage est un must-have beauté, ses gammes ciblées regorgent de pépites adaptées aux peaux sensibles et à absolument tester ! Tous les soins Pai sont fabriqués et formulés à Londres et sont labellisés par Cosmos, Cruelty-Free International et Vegan Society. En savoir plus...

Why we like it :

  • Its care products for sensitive skin
  • Its ultra-rigorous selection of active ingredients
  • The absence of allergenic ingredients
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Super Anti-Spot Serum

Avec ses microalgues brunes et sa vitamine C, le Fade Forward Sérum Anti-Taches Pai Skincare atténue et prévient les taches pour retrouver un teint lumineux et unifié.

Universal skin care oil

Impossible de se tromper avec cette huile multi-usage certifiée bio : anti-âge, anti-imperfections et 100% éclat, elle a tout simplement tout bon.

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Pai Skincare, the reference brand for sensitive skin

If Pai Skincare has become a benchmark brand for sensitive and intolerant skin, this is, without a shadow of a doubt, linked to the personal story of its founder, Sarah Brown. From one day to the next, her skin, which had become irritated, sensitive and even prone to acne, could no longer find in her beauty products what it needed to comfort it. After several years, Pai Skincare was born, offering an entire range designed for sensitive skin, excluding all potentially irritating or allergenic ingredients. Today, Pai Skincare offers a specific soothing range, an anti-aging range, a range for problem skin and a range for very dry skin. Enough to meet all your needs!   

Pai Skincare, a certified organic and vegan brand

All Pai Skincare products are 100% natural and certified organic. All natural ingredients that are not certified organic are subjected to toxicity tests and have strict biodegradability criteria. Last but not least, the products are certified vegan and cruelty-free, which means they contain no products of animal origin and have obviously not been tested on animals. All Pai Skincare cosmetics are also certified by the Soil Association, an English non-profit organization, which guarantees that at least 70% of cosmetics must be organic. 

Pai Skincare's cult products

Over the years, certain Pai Skincare products have become veritable best-sellers, unanimously recognized for their efficacy and tolerance. Among themPai Skincare Wild Rose Oila universal, ultra-regenerating facial oil that boosts cell renewal to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and eliminate imperfections. It's also very popular for restoring a radiant complexion. The other two cult products? The Chamomile Soothing Creama must-have day cream for sensitive skin, and its corresponding soothing cleanser in creamy milk form. 

Pai Skincare also exists for the body!

Equally distressing are the manifestations of ultra-reactive skin on the body, which deserve special attention. Dry patches, redness, irritation or frequent allergies... many body products contain excessive detergents and fragrances that are not always well tolerated. Discover Pai Skincare products for the body: high-tolerance shower gel, soothing body cream or even anti-stretch mark care for mothers-to-be, all everyday products that shouldn't be neglected either!