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Gift Cards & Treatment Rooms

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Our skincare gift cards at Oh My Cream

Looking for a skincare gift card? We've put together a range of gift cards combining expert techniques with clean products, tested and approved by Oh My Cream!

Facial treatments, innovative cures or even relaxing massagesThese relaxing moments will allow you to take care of yourself. To offer or to give, these treatments will be the ideal gift. Discover our gift cards.

Our cabins at Oh My Cream

Our treatments are performed in unique settings where you will feel relaxed and listened to.

Our two Flagships, located in the 2nd and 3rd arrondissements of Paris, are an exclusive place where you can enjoy treatment protocols based on the combination of manual methods, Oh My Cream Skincare products and accessories. Designed to offer you the best in cutting-edge and innovative protocols, our Holistic Flagship, located on rue Montmartre in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, has an infrared sauna that allows you to enjoy its effectiveness for 45 minutes of relaxation, alone or in duo. Because we also want each of you to have access to our expert protocols, our Dermalogica and Tata Harper treatments are also available in all of our concept stores throughout France and in our two Flagships on rue Saintonge and rue Montmartre.

Why offer a gift card?

Our goal? Make skincare part of your daily routine and make it a habit as well as a pleasure. With a skincare gift card, you offer a beauty interlude combining moments of relaxation and expert techniques. It's also an opportunity to discover Dermalogica' s expert treatments combining peels and personalized care, sensory treatments from the high-end organic brand Tata Harper or our own complete treatment with facilialist techniques. Each of the treatments offered in our concept stores can be customized to meet the needs of each individual's skin. All you have to do is choose the clean and effective treatment that will meet your needs and desires!

How does a care gift card work?

Convinced? Would you like to offer or treat yourself to a skincare gift card?

After adding the gift card to your shopping cart and ordering it, you will receive your order confirmation followed by a second message containing your gift certificate. Whatever the gift card you order, we always send it to you in paper format, to the address of your choice. All you have to do is book your treatment on our website or directly in our store!