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Why is it important to take care of your body?

Because taking care of your body is also taking care of yourself! And by taking care of your body on a daily basis with habits and little rituals, you add a real feeling of well-being to your routine, in addition to feeling healthier and, above all, well in your body. Yes, because taking care of yourself is an essential gesture to preserve your health. Moreover, the benefits of a good body routine are numerous: 

- You protect yourself against germs and diseases

- You are more productive and committed

- You improve your quality of life 

- You are more concentrated in your daily life

- You take time for yourself

- You strengthen your self-confidence and self-esteem

How to take good care of your body?

A good routine for taking care of your body starts in the bathroom. But don't worry, taking a shower or bath isn't the only way to take time for yourself and take care of your body. Brushing, washing, exfoliating and moisturizing areall essential to a good body routine. 

Indeed, dry brushing is an ancestral tradition, inspired by Chinese medicine, with multiple benefits for both the general well-being and the body. A few minutes a day are enough to reduce the feeling of heavy legs and to eliminate dead cells, but also to firm up the tissues and prevent stretch marks and cellulite, such as lymphatic drainage at home. 

The body scrub is often one of the great forgotten of our beauty routine, yet, in addition to ensuring a soft skin, its benefits are numerous! No matter which body scrub is used, the result is the same: it eliminates dead cells on the surface of the skin. Done once a week, the scrub sends a clear message to the skin, that of renewing the skin cells more quickly. Thus, by energizing the skin, its aging is slowed down and you also stimulate the blood circulation. 

And to complete your body routine, you can enhance your skin by moisturizing it. Because with the hard water, the cold and the heat, our skin is exposed daily and it is important to moisturize it to protect our body from external aggressions and skin aging. Our face is not the only part of our body that needs to be moisturized, in fact, the rest of our body also needs it to keep a smooth and plump appearance. Drinking at least 1.5L of water a day is the first thing you can do to moisturize your body, but it is also important to choose the best moisturizer for your body's needs to hydrate it deeply. 

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