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Talm, pregnancy-safe skincare reinvented

Talm is a responsible and certified organic skincare brand that provides beauty care for all mothers before, during and after pregnancy. Discover this nugget, whose products combine effectiveness and safety, 100% compatible with breastfeeding and without synthetic fragrance, all in pretty bottles! 

Talm, 100% organic skincare for mothers-to-be

Talm was created by Kenza, the former Marketing Director of Byredo, who came up with the idea for her brand while pregnant. 

"Throughout my pregnancy, I spent a lot of energy trying to decipher compositions and ingredient lists, without ever having a reliable source of information. At the same time, I also really wanted to treat myself, to have products that looked good in my bathroom and didn't just scream ANTI-VERGETURES in big letters on the bottle!"

Mega Oil Talm

Itching, pulling, cracking? L'care oil cult Talm is the champion of hydration and repair! Stretch marks, tightness, sore breasts... in this period of great upheaval, this oil accompanies mothers from the first months of pregnancy through to post-partum and breastfeeding (its composition is food-grade, so it's safe for baby). A few drops are all it takes to immediately relieve feelings of discomfort, and you can even apply it to your face for a 100% safe, simplified beauty routine!

Talm’s other pregnancy and post-pregnancy products

Alternately or alone, the Mega Balm and Mega Serum Talm also work wonders!

  • In its pretty pot, the Mega Balm prevents stretch marks and deeply nourishes thanks to its shea butter and sweet almond and sesame oils. All with a subtle scent that won't disgust ;-)


  • During the phases of intense stretching, we rely on the Mega Serum. Slide the ball over the stomach, chest, hips and buttocks and take advantage of its cold effect that relieves immediately. 

Our Talm's favourites


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Discover all the Talm products or take a look at our pregnant women selection for even more suitable products :-) 

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