Brewer’s yeast or how to speed up hair growth

On average, our hair grows an inch a month...

After more than a year of short hair like Jean Seberg, I'm starting to feel nostalgic for my longer hair... And let's be honest, short hair means a lot of daily maintenance and monthly scissor strokes at the hairdresser's if you want to keep your hair looking great! Fortunately, if you want to change your head, nature is well made and hair grows back... but not always as fast as you'd like. So if you're in that in-between period from a hair point of view, you should know that the famous brewer' s yeast cure is not a myth and that it helps to go from short to long hair much more easily ;-) Shinier and stronger hair, stronger nails and even pretty skin as a bonus! Doesn't it make you want to?

Brewer's yeast: why is it so good?  

Because the minerals and especially the B vitamins it contains are the champions of keratin synthesis. Since our hair (and nails) are more than 95% keratin, ingesting a little more vitamin B than usual accelerates the growth of our locks.

How often should I do a cure?

Ideally, you should take a course of treatment for a month or two. In any case, you must avoid exceeding 3 months to prevent your body from getting used to the supplements.


How many centimetres can we hope to gain?

Obviously, don't expect Rapunzel's mane after one month. Knowing that on average, our hair grows about one centimeter per month, you can expect to gain 5 millimeters, even if it is different for everyone. I clearly saw my growth accelerate and it was even more noticeable in my nails, which were no longer brittle at all.

In what form?

- In powder: just sprinkle a little on food, the equivalent of a tablespoon per day (2g) is sufficient. For the more daring, it can also be diluted in a glass of water...
- In tablets: depending on the brand, one to three capsules per day.

Wouldn't brewer's yeast make you gain a few pounds?

Brewer's yeast also contains a lot of proteins, which can make us fear a slight weight gain. However, when you take it as a supplement (therefore in smaller doses), it will not influence your weight. It even promotes good digestion and strengthens the immune system !

So many benefits... so let's start sprinkling yeast on all your back to school recipes ;-)

Photography: @byrdiebeauty

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