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5 reasons to adopt Essentiel Peau Combeau

If there's one dietary supplement the whole team agrees on, it's L'Essentiel Peau Combeau. And its 2.0 formula, richer and more effective, will delight beauty addicts looking for a multi-action supplement. If you haven't yet added this cult supplement to your daily routine, here are 5 reasons to adopt it. 

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An essential for all skin problems

Whether you want to reduce imperfections, boost skin radiance , combat dehydration or reduce the effects of skin aging, L'Essentiel Peau Combeau is the universal cult supplement! Its formula acts on the main sources of skin imbalance. It targets the inflammation that causes acne and irritation, the oxidation that precipitates cell ageing, and the sensitization that triggers sometimes severe skin reactions. So, with just 2 capsules a day, it supports the skin in its changes and helps it to maintain its own balance. 

For 360° action

To reduce damage caused by free radicals, support skin radiance and improve texture, combine your L'Essentiel Peau treatment with the Collagen treatment. These two cures offer complementary benefits to combat the causes of premature skin aging, stimulate cell regeneration, protect internal collagen reserves and improve collagen synthesis. 

An even richer, more powerful formula

The mission of L'Essentiel Peau? To provide the skin with the nutrients it needs to stimulate its internal mechanisms and strengthen its protective barrier. That's why Combeau has opted for a unique combination of active ingredients and patented plant extracts derived from biotechnology, with clinically proven results. And to maintain its status as an innovative cult supplement, the brand has enriched its formula by increasing the dosage of :

  • Hyaluronic acid: to protect against dehydration and help skin become more resilient during mid-season, in the face of external aggression and temperature variations. 

  • Melon SOD and Saffron: to protect the skin from external aggressions, UV rays and pollution, while providing the nutrients and antioxidants needed to limit skin aging and boost radiance. 

  • Vitamin C : to boost immunity and help synthesize collagen. 

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A global well-being action

With a tired face and low morale in the face of shorter days and a lack of sunshine, winter is not the best of seasons for our well-being. To combat stress and fatigue, L'Essentiel Peau acts on neurotransmitters like a natural antidepressant , promoting emotional balance, improving sleep quality and reducing stress thanks to the saffron it contains.

Did you know that 95% of serotonin is produced in the intestine? This neurotransmitter, also known as the "serenity hormone", regulates our mood. That's why when our intestinal microbiota is disturbed, our mental state is affected... thanks to the saffron in its formula, L'Essentiel Peau soothes intestinal inflammation for better digestive and mental health, by helping to maintain better serotonin production. 

Clinically proven effectiveness

If Vogue has declared this supplement the secret to beautiful skin, it's not least because 3 clinical studies prove its effectiveness! L'Essentiel Peau Combeau acts not only on hydration, elasticity and firmness for plumper, smoother skin, but also on fine lines and wrinkles, imperfections and scarring, and skin resistance to UV rays, not to mention stress and fatigue. 

  • Skin hydration is improved by 10.6%*. 
  • Internal hyaluronic acid synthesis increases by 40%*.

  • Wrinkles are reduced by 17.6%*. 

  • The antioxidant activity of the body is boosted up to 63%**.

  • The skin's resistance to UV rays increases by 16%**.

  • -72% of cells damaged by UVB rays

  • Nervousness drops by 60% ***

Responsible, transparent sourcing

Because it was imperative for Combeau to make essential rhyme with demanding, its dietary supplement was formulated according to a strict formulation charter, guaranteeing the absence of synthetic vitamins, additives, GMOs, pesticides or allergens. The ingredients are sourced from responsible, controlled and certified crops and productions committed to sustainable development. And L'Essentiel Peauis responsible right down to its bottle, made in Europe from recycled glass whose unique thickness guarantees optimal preservation of the active ingredients.

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