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Which food supplement to choose according to your beauty concerns?

To reduce blemishes, boost hair growth, improve digestion or fight the effects of stress and fatigue, food supplements are daily allies in taking care of ourselves and completing our beauty routine. Discover our advice on how to choose the right food supplements.

What is a food supplement?

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What are the benefits of food supplements?

Even if we have a healthy lifestyle and even a healthy diet, sometimes our body needs a little help to function well. This is where food supplements come in! These daily allies have been on the rise for several years, providing the body with an additional source of nutrients and offering multiple benefits to solve our beauty concerns. To improve digestion, the condition of our skin, the growth of our hair or boost our collagen production... The food supplements can be very useful for our body. 

Food supplements are often used to prevent or treat disorders or deficiencies and to stay healthy. As a complement to, and not a substitute fora varied and balanced diet and balanced diet, they provide the body with the vitamins, minerals, amino acids or fatty acids it needs. In powders to be mixed or to sprinkle on our favorite dishes, in capsules or tablets, in ampoules to dilute or in herbal teas to drink, food supplements have many benefits. Everything depends on their formulation and composition, each food supplement has a different function

Are dietary supplements dangerous for health?

Food supplements rich in vitamins and minerals can present a risk of overdosing compared to the daily needs of our body, especially if they are associated with a diet already rich in vitamins or minerals. It is therefore important not to exceed the recommended daily dose and to observe a one-month break between each 3-month treatment. On the other hand, some supplements may not be recommended for pregnant women, children or teenagers, people suffering from epilepsy or inflammatory diseases. You will easily find the contraindications specific to each formula of the food supplements that you will find on our shelves, directly on our detailed product sheets. But if in doubt, we advise you to contact your health professional before taking a supplement. 

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When to take a food supplement?

It all depends on the formulation of the food supplement you wish to take. Some dietary supplements can be taken on an empty stomach with a large glass of water in the morning, or diluted in water at any time of the day, such as ampoules Atelier Nubio. Others can be taken during or after meals, like the capsules, rich in probiotics Easy Digestion Dijo

Can we take several food supplements at the same time?

The compositions and formulations of food supplements can be very different from one supplement to another. Indeed, some supplements may be composed of a single substance, while others may be rich in vitamins and minerals. If you wish to take different dietary supplements, it is recommended toavoid certain combinations to avoid the risk of overdosing, blocking the action of a drug, or causing undesirable effects. 

It is recommended to avoid combining dietary supplements composed of calcium and magnesium, calcium and potassium, green tea and iron, vitamin K and vitamin A, D or E*. If in case of doubt, we advise you to consult your doctor, we reassure you that you will find at Oh My Cream the right combos and products to combine directly on our product sheets, for maximum efficiency!

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The best food supplements for hair

If bre wer's yeast is a major food supplement for boosting hair growth, improving skin condition and strengthening nails, it is not the only ally for healthy hair. On our beauty shelves, you will find the hair supplements : 

  • We want... the hair of a mermaid Atelier Nubio : ampoules that stimulate hair and nail growth, while providing a denser and shinier hair, a soothed and purified scalp and stronger nails. 

  • We want... a growth booster Atelier Nubio: these fortifying and stimulating capsules promote hair growth and fortification, while regulating sebum and slowing down hair loss, for healthy and shiny hair. 

  • Mega Hair Pregnancy & Post-Partum Supplement Talm: Specially thought for hair loss after childbirth, these capsules concentrated in brewer's yeast stimulate growth and prevent hair loss while strengthening and nourishing the hair fiber. 

  • We want... the secret of the Nymphs Atelier Nubio : this blend of superfoods, plants and brewer's yeast, improves the beauty and overall health of the skin, hair and nails. 

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Food supplements for the skin 

Collagen cures are not the only allies for a radiant complexion and clear skin. Discover our favorite food supplements for the skin: 

  • The Essential Skin Combeau: a cult food supplement, composed of 7 super-powerful active ingredients, all selected for their high quality and their effectiveness in revealing the natural beauty of each skin.

  • We want... a rose petal skin Atelier Nubio: rebalancing capsules with a detoxifying action that reduce imperfections and regulate sebum production to restore luminous skin. 

  • Have it all Ulé: a rich in & out oil, with an enveloping texture, that can be applied to the skin for a nourishing effect and/or added to your favorite recipes or drinks for an overall and optimal nutrition.
  • We want... a collagen booster Atelier Nubio: a dietary supplement in powdered broth sticks, based on marine collagen peptides and green vegetables, to keep skin plump and maintain its collagen production. 

  • We want... a doll's complexion Atelier Nubio: an organic food supplement in powder form that promotes the natural production of collagen and strengthens the skin against external aggressions for a radiant complexion and slowed skin aging.
  • Microbiota & Skin Atelier Nubio : these capsules composed of 4 strains of probiotics, selected for their benefits on the beauty of the skin and digestion, reduce redness, sensitivities and imperfections, to find a clear skin and a better digestion.  
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Food supplements for the silhouette and digestion

Feeling of heavy legs, water retention, bloating and digestion problems, discover the selected food supplements that act on your figure: 

  • We want... a detox booster Atelier Nubio: these capsules made of plants with detoxifying, draining and protective properties of the liver, support its activity and facilitate digestion. Ideal in case of small excesses!

  • The Essential Probiotic Supplement Dijo: these capsules with the ideal dosage of probiotics help to fill up with good bacteria to strengthen the intestinal microbiota, a true pillar of health.

  • Detox of the Liver Complement Digestive Comfort Dijo: these natural capsules drain and protect the liver for a complete detoxification of the body and a recovered digestive comfort.

  • Easy Digestion After Meal Capsules Dijo: bloating or digestive heaviness? These 100% natural capsules contain 5 components selected for their beneficial effects on digestive comfort. To adopt after a meal a little too copious...

  • We want... beautiful legs Atelier Nubio: the "light legs" cure! This organic food supplement based on French plants, relieves the feeling of heavy legs to find tonic legs!

Intimate hygiene, which food supplements to choose? 

Against period pains, cystitis or recurrent mycosis, discover the food supplements that act on the feminine well-being.  

  • We want... a harmonious cycle Atelier Nubio: these food supplements in the form of ampoules soothe premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and act on the skin, pain and mood.


* Source: Passeport Santé.net

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