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You hear about it everywhere... Collagen is all the rage! We've heard of it in our creams and serums, but not so much as a dietary supplement. And yet, taking it as a dietary supplement promises to reverse the signs of aging, counter dehydration and bring shine to hair and strength to nails. So we tested 3 different marine collagen cures over several months, and here are our opinions. 

Collagen, the key protein for plump skin 

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Why take a collagen cure?

Synthesized naturally by the human body, collagen is THE protein responsible for skin firmness and tissue cohesion. So, to keep your skin plump, you need enough sufficient quantities of collagen in the body. However, from the age of 25 onwards, the fibroblast (the cell that secretes the "support" fibers, including collagen), falls asleep and does a poorer job. And collagen fibers, less numerous in the body, lead to a loss of firmness.

To compensate for this natural loss of collagen, our skincare products contain marine collagen and other star active ingredients.our skincare products contain marine collagen and other star active ingredients to boost natural collagen production.. These include retinol, vitamin C, peptidesbut also acids, such as glycolic acid or lactic acid. These create a strong stimulation of fibroblasts and thus increase synthesis and production of collagen.

How long should a collagen cure last?

A collagen cure is recommended once or twice a year, for 1 to 3 months. But it all depends on your age and needs. If you're older, you'll need to take a longer course of treatment to replenish the collagen stocks already present in your tissues. You can also take collagen on a daily basis throughout the year, provided you have first identified your needs with a health professional.

First of all...

Before we begin this article, we'd like to make it clear that at Oh My Cream, we don't advocate anti-aging or anti-wrinkle at all costs , quite the contrary. Rather, our idea is to accompany the skin with specific treatments that will reveal all its beauty. And it's for this reason (and because we strongly believe in the power of "in & out" routines) that we decided to testthe collagen cure for you.

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Elsa's opinion on Combeau's marine collagen powder cure

The perfect combination of science, nature and innovation, Combeau is the brand of food supplements with the right dosage and clinically proven efficacy. After L'Essentiel Peauits first cult formula with 7 exceptional active ingredients to target radiance, signs of aging and imperfections, the brand has unveiled Collagen. A supplement in the form of 100% pure marine collagen powder, tasteless and odorless, and easily integrated into your daily routine.

What's inside? 

  • 100% pure, highly soluble and assimilable marine collagen

What did I like about this collagen cure?

Its super-convenient stick format and above all its tasteless, odorless formula had no trouble blending into my morning routine: one stick mixed straight into my coffee! I'm used to collagens with a very strong, sometimes disgusting taste and smell, but Combeau marine collagen powder is totally imperceptible, making it easy to adapt to our daily routine. You can easily slip the sticks into your bag for lunch at the office or a cup of tea during the day. It's practical, good for your skin, nails and hair!

What are the results of Combeau' s tasteless, odorless collagen powder?

I started my collagen treatment mainly as a preventative anti-ageing measure at the dawn of my 30th birthday, but as I have an even complexion that sometimes lacks radiance, I could see a clear improvement after 15 days. My skin is brighter, less oily, my spots and scars have faded and my pores are tighter. What's more, that little wrinkle that's been marking my forehead for some time now is much less visible. My skin is more comfortable and radiant, but it's above all the benefits of this marine collagen powder on my nails and hair that have completely blown me away! Indeed, after 1 month of treatment, my nails are stronger, my hair shinier and growing much faster. I'm looking forward to continuing this tasteless, odorless collagen treatment

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Marion's opinion on Agent Nateur collagen treatment

Straight from California, Agent Nateur is the holistic brand that awakens our glow. With its Holi (Mane) Food Supplement for Hair, Skin and Nailsthe brand has come up with a tasteless, odorless marine collagen supplement to mix into your morning drink to boost hair density and strengthen nails.

What's in it?

  • Pearl powder to stimulate collagen production and regeneration
  • Marine Collagen to accelerate hair and nail growth

What does it do? 

Thanks to its antioxidant, mineral-rich formula, this tasteless, odorless dietary supplement acts on hair growth, nail strength and skin hydration. It stimulates collagen production and regeneration, while protecting the skin from external aggressors. What's more, enriched with marine collagen, it accelerates hair and nail growth, and promotes joint health while reducing the sensation of inflammation in the body.

What are the results of the Agent Nateur collagen cure on hair and nails?

Looking for a booster to accompany my hair routine, I opted for this collagen treatment. After the birth of my daughter, I had lost all my hair density and my hair felt like it had "died". What won me over? Its generous format, which means you can opt for a long treatment, and its ease of use (you just slip a scoop of powder into your morning coffee). In 15 days, my hair was shiny and revitalized. It was only after 1? months that I noticed a lot of new growth. As for the skin, it quickly became brighter and plumper. And I noticed a real improvement on the fragile areas that mark quickly, the eye and lip contours. I can't recommend it enough! 

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