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The double cleanse: how to adopt it?

Find out why double cleansing is essential to keeping your skin beautiful and healthy, how to do it, and find your perfect pair! 

Double cleansing: the best way to clean your skin

#seo: double cleaning

Double-cleaning is THE thing that makes all the difference. Here's why:

  • Impurities, make-up make-upand pollution particles irritate and sensitize your skin, so it's essential to remove them.
  • Active ingredients are absorbed by the skin a thousand times more effectively when it’s clean.
  • It is also an anti-aging gesture: cleaning your skin well helps prevent premature skin aging because when it is clean, it can regenerate better. 
  • Double cleansing is ideal for combating blackheads and microcysts, preventing shine and dilated poreswithout drying out or irritating the skin.
  • Find out everything you need to know about double cleaning in this article.
#seo: double cleaning

How do you achieve the perfect double cleanse?

  • Always start on dry skin. Apply your makeup removing oil or balm to your face in a sufficient quantity (a tablespoon for the oil and a walnut for the balm). 
  • Massage in circular motions all over the face and finish with the eyes.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water (it's okay if you feel your skin is still a little oily). 
  • On wet skin, apply your cleansing gel or milk.
  • Rinse and you're done! 

Not quite sure what your skin type is?

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Why is it important to clean your skin?

This simple gesture can make all the difference, especially since facial cleansing is often poorly done, neglected or done with unsuitable products. Whatever your skin type, this is the first step to adopt before going further with more specific products to take care of your face. A good cleaning is therefore essential to have a beautiful skinA good cleansing is essential to have a beautiful, healthy and luminous skin (it is this step that will change your skin texture, tighten the pores and bring radiance!)

Because impurities, make-up and external aggressions such as pollution irritate and sensitize the skin, and poorly cleansed skin is guaranteed to have a dull complexion. Moreover, when the skin is clean, the active ingredients of your care products penetrate much better. On the other hand, to clean its skin is a formidable anti-ageing gesture ! Indeed, cleaning your skin well helps prevent premature skin aging and also allows it to regenerate better at night. The double cleansing is also an infallible weapon against blackheads, microcysts and small imperfections. Cleansing the skin well helps to purify the skin and avoid excess sebum and dilated pores.


What is double cleaning? 

The double cleansing is a 2-step cleansing of the skin to remove impurities, deep cleanse and allow the other products in your beauty routine to penetrate better. Say goodbye to cotton pads! There's no need to rub your face to effectively dissolve impurities. Instead, gently massage your skin with gentle circular motions. Here's how to take care of your face with double cleansing.


  • The oily stage of double cleaning

The first step is to use an oily makeup remover to remove all impurities of an oily nature, makeup, such as pollution and excess sebum. This is the most delicate way to remove shine without aggressing or drying the skin. Little by little, it allows to gently rebalance a normal, combination or oily skin that tends to have a T-zone more prone to shine. A first cleansing with an oily texture also allows to soften and bring comfort to the skin. It is an ideal step for sensitive, dry or dehydrated areas.


  • The aqueous stage of double cleaning

The second step is to apply a second facial cleanser with an aqueous base, such as a milk or foaming gel, to refine the result by removing the last toxins, while beginning to treat a skin problem and cleanse deep down. Moisturizing and comfortable, cleansing milks are gentle on skin prone to tightness. Soap-free cleansing gels bring a feeling of purity and freshness to oily skin. 

For more efficiency, don't hesitate to choose your second cleanser according to your concern of the moment: anti-spot, anti-blemish or radiance... You will find among our cleansers the perfect formula for your skin! You can also easily change your cleanser according to your desires or the textures you like: creamy milk, cleansing foam or fresh gel cleanser.

Please note A single application of cleansing milk or gel in the evening will not perfectly cleanse the skin. In the long run, it can leave the complexion dull and accelerate the appearance of blackheads and dilated pores.


The gestures to avoid when you want to clean your skin

  • Micellar water Micellar water: originally created for backstage use on the catwalk, to remove make-up between shows. These lotions are very rich in detergents that denature the hydrolipidic film. And when the lipid barrier is altered, dehydration and sensitivities follow!

  • Make-up remover wipes This is the same problem as with micellar water because the wipes are a nomadic product intended for exceptional use. The impurities are moved and not removed. There also, the skin can react by multiplying irritations and the small buttons.

  • Just water To remove impurities, they need to be encapsulated in a "vehicle". Applying only water to your face is useless. Imagine the result if you did your dishes with just a little water...

  • Shower gel For the body, this product is often full of detergent foaming agents and dyes. It thus causes a dissolution of the hydrolipidic film with with the key a dehydrated skin and sensitivities.


How to clean your skin when you have sensitive skin?

If your skin is easily inflamed, we'll be on the lookout for anything that might soothe it, right from the cleansing stage. Chamomile, oatmeal, rose oil or linseed, these soothing active ingredients are ideal for providing the softness your skin needs. For this, we warmly recommend Camellia & Rose Gentle Facial Cleanser Pai Skincare.


How to clean your skin when you have dry skin?

It's essential to provide a comforting texture when cleansing your skin to avoid any tightness. Choose creams, emulsions and cleansing milks, creamy facial cleansers perfect for dry skin lacking lipids. L'Cleansing Emulsion Oh My Cream Skincare Cleansing Emulsion is the perfect choice, thanks to its rich, creamy texture that provides comfort and suppleness. provides comfort and suppleness.


How to clean your skin when you have normal to combination skin?

One will tend to privilege in cleansing face, textures gel or why not, foams. However, it will be necessary to take care to turn to compositions without too aggressive detergents (in particular to avoid the sulfates). If the skin is strongly dehydrated, it can be interesting to turn to a milk, but in this case, a rather light milk. 


How to clean your skin when you have oily skin?

For you, it's all about balance. Your sebum production needs to be regulated and this is done with gel or clay facial cleansers, made with balancing agents. Indie Lee Purifying Cleanser, for example, is an excellent purifying cleanser without the stripping effect. 

One thing is certain, adopting double cleansing and choosing the right face cleanser will considerably improve your skin condition. However, don't forget your complementary care products to have a complete and really effective clean beauty routine.

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