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Gua Sha Peau d'Ange Corps

Gua Sha Peau d'Ange Corps Sentara Holistic

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A gua sha made of precious stone with a unique shape, designed to give you firmer skin for smoother legs with reduced cellulite.

A gua sha made of precious stone with a unique shape, designed to give you firmer skin for smoother legs with reduced cellulite.

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Ideal for those looking for firmer skin, or hoping to reduce cellulite and/or heavy legs.


Manque de fermeté, Cellulite et Peau d'orange

Gua Sha Peau d'Ange Corps

Sentara Holistic

Gua Sha Peau d'Ange Corps


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In traditional Chinese medicine, cellulite is linked to water metabolism: when the "qi" stagnates, the circulation of fluids in the body is restricted, causing cellulite. Regularly massaging your skin with this gua sha encourages the body to drain itself of toxins, revealing smoother skin.



The "Angel Skin" body gua sha was designed by Sentara founder Mayia Alleaume to offer gua sha enthusiasts the optimum combination of effectiveness, sensory pleasure, and ease of use. Thanks to its unique design, each area of the body is massaged with precision: circulation is improved, legs are left feeling smoother and lighter, cellulite is reduced and the skin is made firmer. The bian gemstone in this gua sha appeared 65 million years ago after a meteorite fell to Earth and has multiple benefits (*supported by numerous studies). When it comes into contact with the skin, it emits ultrasounds that impve the oxygenation of the blood and cells, as well as relaxing the muscles. Its unique rate of vibration generates infrared radiation that is able to accelerate cell regeneration, improving skin quality and reducing cellulite.

* Academy of Science, Nuclear Technology, Department of Seismology and Beijing University of Traditional Medicine.


Bian stone
Detoxifying and cleansing

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100% Bian stone, ethically sourced in South West China. Made in China.

* The rollers and gua sha are derived from the thousand-year-old techniques of Chinese medicine. They are handmade in the purest tradition in China by craftsmen rigorously selected and meeting a strict quality and ethical charter.

Supplied with a pouch and a certificate of authenticity for the stone.

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Pascale B.

Gua Sha Peau d'Ange Corps

Claire P.

Gua Sha Peau d'Ange Corps

Emmanuelle b.

Gua Sha Peau d'Ange Corps

catherine G.

J’aurais aimé avoir la notice explicative pour être sure de bien le faire.

Gua sha corps

Je l'utilise tous les jours, pour le massage des jambes, car je ne sais pas utiliser mes mains pour masser. Satisfaite de la vidéo de démonstration. Très agréable à utiliser.