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La Bonne Brosse

La Bonne Brosse

La brosse d'une vie !
Persuadées que la beauté des cheveux vient d’abord du bon geste, les fondatrices de la Bonne Brosse ont peaufiné dans les moindres détails, l'objet parfait : la brosse à cheveux. Fabriquée en France et composée de poils de sanglier, miroir exact de la structure du cheveux, cette brosse idéale garantit l’absence d'électricité statique et masse en profondeur le cuir chevelu. En savoir plus...

Why we like it :

  • Its boar hair for the total absence of static electricity
  • To finally find the "right brush" for your hair
  • Its handmade in France
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A free La Bonne Brosse pouch

To protect your brush, receive with the purchase of a Good Brush :

-a small pouch with the code LOVELBBS 

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What are the benefits of La Bonne Brosse boar bristle brushes?

If La Bonne Brosse hairbrushes hairbrushes are so effective in caring for our hair, it's thanks to the boar bristles they're made of. Known to mirror our hair's structure, boar bristles are 100% natural. They reduce the amount of sebum at the roots and distribute it over the entire length, nourishing the ends. Moreover, because they are loaded with keratin, they help neutralize the static electricity that can be present on our hair when we brush it. As a result, hair is softer, shinier, more disciplined, easier to detangle and less brittle. In short, boar bristles are a quality ally in the care of our long hair, with impressive longevity. And yes, like La Bonne Brosse brushes, boar bristle brushes are often the brushes of a lifetime!

When and how to clean your La Bonne Brosse boar bristle brush

Because the health of your hair depends on the care you use to style it, it's important to take good care of your boar bristle brush to keep your hair healthy and strong, while prolonging the life of your brush. While there are no real rules about how often you should clean your brush (it all depends on how quickly your brush gets dirty, depending on the styling products you use), it's a good idea to remove any dead hair your brush has picked up by hand after each use. This will make it easier to clean your brush when the time comes, and avoid spreading these little bits of dirt on your scalp or lengths. Note also that boar bristle brushes, because of their density, tend to retain more dust, greasy substances and other impurities than brushes with conventional wooden pins.

To clean your boar bristle brush, start by removing any hair and other dust that may get trapped between its bristles and pins, using a comb. The comb prevents excessive pulling on the bristles, while scraping away any dust that may have settled on the brush's air cushion. Once a month, you can also clean your hairbrush more thoroughly with a mild shampoo or a damp cloth. Run the latter between each bristle to clean your brush and remove any dust that may be trapped inside. Then let it air-dry, bristles side down. But be careful! Be careful not to soak your boar bristle hairbrush completely in water, to preserve the quality of its follicles.

Find your ideal hairbrush with La Bosse Brosse

If you have normal to fine hair, we recommend the L'Universelle Shine and Care Brush. Ideal for fine to normal hair, even fragile hair, whether soft or straight, it moisturizes hair for a sheathed, fortified head and a purified, detoxified scalp thanks to its boar bristle composition.

For normal to thick hair, we recommend the L'Indispensable Care and Detangling Brush. Combining boar bristles and nylon, it's the ideal brush for styling, structuring and detangling normal to thick hair.

If you have a sensitive scalp, we recommend the L'Indispensable Sensitive Scalp Brush. Combining boar bristles and nylon boulé, it's the ideal brush to bring moisture and shine to hair while caring for sensitive scalps.

Finally, to detangle lengths, the Brosse La Miracle Démêlante et Massante detangles hair while caring for sensitive scalps, thanks to its small epoxy beads deposited at the end of nylon fibers. These ensure a gentler massage for a purified, detoxified scalp.