Egyptian Magic

Egyptian Magic

Egyptian Magic

Egyptian Magic

L’Egyptian Magic est sans doute l’un des baumes les plus connus et reconnu grâce à ses multiples usages : hydratant et réparateur, il peut être utilisé par toute la famille en baume à lèvres, en soin nourrissant pour le visage et pour le corps et même pour les cheveux. Chouchou des make up artists et adopté par de nombreuses stars, sa composition minimaliste ne comporte que 6 ingrédients, issus directement de la ruche. En savoir plus...

Why we like it :

  • Its multiple uses
  • Its short and effective formula
  • For the whole family
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Egyptian Magic : the cult balm for 20 years 

For two decades, the Egyptian Magic cream has continued to seduce the beauty world. Only six natural ingredients and an impressive number of different uses: these are the assets of this skincare nugget. Adopted by many celebrities, this 100% natural SOS balm shines with its ancestral recipe. Its original and widely identifiable packaging contains an oily and solid base that can be applied in small quantities (the balm then turns into oil) to make your jar last longer.

The Egyptian Magic cream and its ancestral formula 

So, what do we find inEgyptian Magic cream? In addition to olive oil, always coveted for its richness in fatty acids, omegas, squalene and antioxidants, the formula contains ingredients that honor the active ingredients of the beehive: beeswax nourishes, protects and softens, honey acts through its antibacterial and moisturizing action. Pollen, rich in antioxidants and vitamins, delays aging. Royal jelly nourishes, protects and strengthens, and propolis, with its antibacterial action, stimulates cell renewal. Yet so simple but so effective, Egyptian Magic balm lives up to its name, it is magic!

The thousand and one uses of the Egyptian Magic cream

Thanks to its exemplary yet simple natural composition, Egyptian Magic balm is the answer to many problems. Its cocktail of active ingredients intensely nourishes the skin (even the driest) and is perfectly tolerated by sensitive skin, thanks to its absence of essential oils. Moreover, it accelerates the disappearance of imperfections and scars and leaves the skin soothed, soft and comfortable. To apply it, simply take the desired amount and heat in the palm of your hand: the balm texture is then transformed into oil. So what and where to apply it?Egyptian Magic cream has more than 20 uses. 

Here are some of them: 

The Egyptian Magic balm is applied to the face and is perfect for moisturizer to diminish dry patches and soothe sensitive areas. It can also be applied as an after-shave cream or as a baby cream. The Egyptian Magic cream also responds perfectly to the skin problems of your body. It is ideal to relieve chapped hands and dry feet, for sunburns or for burns and mosquito bites. For your hair, it is also used as hair mask to fight against split ends and broken ends. Finally, it would be more difficult for us to tell you for which problem the Egyptian Magic cream is not useful :) Besides, the whole family can use it and even future mothers, to prevent stretch marks.