Oskia is a brand founded by Georgie Cleeve that corrects and prevents the first signs of aging. His credo? Promoting healthy, radiant skin with a skin care line with mostly natural active ingredients, rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, essential nutrients, and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), a source of organic sulfur with revitalizing and restorative properties that boosts collagen production and reduces inflammation.

Oskia - Oh My Cream

On l'adopte pour :

  • Sa vision experte et pointue
  • La richesse de ses actifs
  • Ses textures innovantes
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Super 16 Sérum Anti-Age


Super 16 Sérum Anti-Age

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L'Isotonic Hydra Serum Oskia est chargé en ions pour rééquilibrer le pH des peaux chroniquement déshydratées et sensibles. De quoi retrouver une peau confortable et apaisée.

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