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RMS Beauty

by RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty

La pionnière du make-up naturel.
Les produits RMS Beauty sont formulés à partir d’ingrédients bruts – dont l’ingrédient star, l’huile de coco - et sont cruelty free. Pensés par la make-up artist américaine Rose Mary Swift, les petits pots minimalistes et recyclables conquièrent rapidement le cœur des journalistes, influenceuses et actrices. La raison de leur succès ? Une application simple, une peau qui respire et surtout, un fini tellement glowy qu’il redonne illico bonne mine à toutes les peaux ! En savoir plus...

Why we like it :

  • The wide choice of shades
  • The true care dimension
  • A glowy and natural result
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The cult multi-use concealer

This essential has been in our makeup bag for years! Discover Un Cover-Up, a real skin care product that lets the skin breathe and is suitable for the most sensitive skin.

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Highlighting blush

With its surprising texture, ReDimension Hydra Powder Blush RMS Beauty beautifies the complexion and sculpts the cheeks while leaving a glossy finish thanks to its multidimensional pigments.

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RMS Beauty: clean make-up and skincare

If RMS Beauty manages to stand out from most make-up brands, it's undoubtedly because its founder Rosemary Swift has always made it a point of honor to include only clean ingredients in her iconic little pots. Her signature active ingredient, the basis of almost all her products? Coconut oil, a vegetable oil that cares for all skin types and, unlike the mineral oils used in conventional make-up, allows the epidermis to breathe. Cold-pressed and of the highest quality, coconut oil is antibacterial and even prevents pimples: skin prone to imperfections can therefore use all RMS Beauty products without worry. 

The must-have Un Cover Up RMS Beauty

Attention, cult product in sight! In fact, if there's only one product to choose as a starter, it's Un Cover Up RMS Beauty! Available in 16 shades, this super-moisturizing concealer can be used as a concealer or even a foundation, thanks to its adjustable coverage. Its mineral pigments give skin excellent coverage and incredible luminosity. And as it also contains numerous moisturizing agents, applying it day after day drastically reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by dehydration. Finally, to camouflage an imperfection, simply take a tiny amount and tap it onto the pimple, then apply a touch of loose powder to set and mattify the result. 

The famous glow with Living Luminizer RMS Beauty

This best-selling universal illuminator is capable of highlighting all skin tones, without exception, for a radiant, natural-looking complexion. With no glitter effect, RMS Beauty 's Living Luminizer is applied directly to the cheekbones with the fingertips for an instant "healthy glow" effect that's so fresh! It can also be used just above the upper lip or under the eyebrow arch to add points of light to the face. It's important to remember, however, that illuminator enhances the areas to which it's applied: it's best not to apply it to the bridge of the nose, for example, if you think your nose is too long. 

RMS Beauty make-up, practical, intuitive and green multi-use products

Finally, if RMSBeauty products are so popular, it's undoubtedly because they've been designed to appeal to novices and advanced users alike! In fact, these little pots with their natural formulation are often versatile: for example, RMSBeauty Lip2Cheek can be used as ablush, or to enhance lips. Applied directly with the finger, all RMS Beauty products can be applied in just a few seconds. And thanks to their clean ingredient lists and simple, recyclable packaging, RMS Beauty products are perfect if you want to buy more environmentally-friendly skincare. Find all the brand's products at Oh My Cream, your RMS Beauty shop .