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Venus & Gaia

Venus & Gaia

Venus & Gaia

Les vertus de la soie pour prendre soin de notre peau et nos cheveux.
La quintessence de la douceur ? La soie ! Faites monter d’un cran vos coiffures avec les chouchous… et de doux rêves avec les taies d’oreiller en soie Vénus & Gaia ! Experte dans la fabrication d’accessoires en soie, Venus & Gaia est une toute jeune marque française aux créations artisanales exceptionnelles (et éthiques), pensées pour prendre soin de votre peau et de vos cheveux tout au long de la journée et quand vous dormez. En savoir plus...

Why we like it :

  • The exceptional properties of silk
  • Accessories made to really last
  • A 100% natural and handcrafted production
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The little story of Venus & Gaia

Venus and Gaia are not only two Greco-Roman goddesses, they are also the name of the beautiful silk accessories brand. Venus, goddess of beauty and love, and Gaia, deity of harmony with nature, are the sources of inspiration for the founder. These two strong women symbolize the values on which the brand is based, such as love, beauty and union with nature, and greatness. It was in 2018, after a night spent with a silk pillow, that Clara Vilarem, the founder, decided to create her own silk beauty tools

Venus & Gaia silk

But then why silk? Because it has many qualities for the skin and hair. Silk is a material that regenerates the skin and hair from within by boosting collagen production. Non-absorbent, it does not dehydrate the skin or the hair during sleep. More hygienic than cotton, a silk pillowcase is perfect for skin that has imperfections because it is antibacterial and prevents the appearance of inflammation. In addition, silk marks the face less and prevents the formation of knots in the hair. Finally, silk is the best weapon for quality sleep. Indeed, it prevents the proliferation of microbes, remains fresh all night long and is hypoallergenic: it relieves people with colds or asthma by allowing them to breathe properly.  

Venus & Gaia, a committed brand

Silk, yes, but not just any silk. The silk of the brand's beauty tools is 100% mulberry silk. It is resistant, thick and of high quality. It comes from a small agricultural cooperative located in China (the silk market has not yet conquered France and Europe). Venus & Gaia is part of the "1% For your Planet" program, an organization that collects funds to donate to environmental associations. In addition to its ecological commitment, the brand pays great attention to the quality of the silk used to make its products. It is certified by the OEKO Standard 100®, a European standard certifying the absence of toxic substances. In addition, the company has obtained the GOTS(Global Organic Textile Standard) label, which guarantees ethical and responsible manufacturing conditions, both from an environmental and human point of view. 

Venus & Gaia products at Oh My Cream

At Oh My Cream, you can find all the essentials to take care of your hair. For all hair types, even the finest, the Trio of Silk Scrunchies or the Club des 5 will make you look good. They hold hairstyles in place all day long without ever damaging the hair. They don't pull hair and don't cause breakage, creases or knots. If you have thicker or frizzy hair, we recommend Mr. Big Silk Chouchou. Oversized, it's ideal for maintaining thick or curly hair. For the night, find the pillowcases in two sizes, rectangle and square. These are ideal for skin and hair because silk prevents knots from forming and does not absorb creams or oils on your face. The Silk Night Mask completes this night set. Padded, opaque and soft, it does not dehydrate the eye area and does not crease the hair at the back. A night in the arms of Morpheus is yours!