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You have a problem with your order or have a particular request for it? We are available by mail at and during the day by chat from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, directly on our website (click here to ask us) :)


We will be happy to help you! Write us a note at and we are also available by live chat during the day, from Monday to Friday. 


We answer you within 24 to 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays, where we will take note of your message the next day. The delays may vary slightly during offer periods or at Christmas time for example, when we are very busy. If you do not receive an answer after this period, please send us an email as your message may have fallen into our spam folder.


Oh My Cream delivers worldwide. For France, you can choose between several delivery methods: Colissimo, TNT. For international deliveries, we use Colissimo and DHL. All details of costs and delivery times by geographical zone can be found on the page Deliveries & Returns. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to deliver to Russia.

Once your order has been validated and prepared by our warehouse, you will receive an confirmation email of shipment. You just have to click on "Track my order" in the body of the email to have access to the tracking of your parcel.

You can also check your order status directly via your Oh My Cream account. To do this, log in by clicking on 'My Account' at the top right of our website, then click on 'My Orders'. Then simply click on the tracking number. 

It all depends on the delivery method you have chosen and the country you wish to be delivered to. To find out more about our service providers, delivery times and prices, go to Deliveries & Returns.

Our warehouse is open from Monday to Friday. Any order placed on a Saturday or Sunday is therefore processed on Monday. In the event of a public holiday, the order will be processed the following day. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to add or remove any items from your order. If you wish to return one or more products after delivery, please go to Deliveries & Returns to find out about our return policy.

Depending on the progress of your order, it may still be possible for us to change your delivery address. If the order has already been taken over by the warehouse, we will not be able to change it. Please contact us as soon as possible via or by live chat during the week.

Sadly this is not possible once your order has been made. 

If your order has not yet been processed by our warehouse, it is possible for us to cancel and refund it. In this case, please contact us as soon as possible by email at

If the order has been sent to the warehouse, unfortunately it is no longer possible for us to cancel it. In this case, if you do not wish to keep your items, you can return them to us via the Deliveries & Returns.

When you order outside of France, customs fees may be applied to your order, which you must pay

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to reschedule a delivery. Via Colissimo, if you are not present at the time of delivery, your parcel is left in your letterbox if the size of the letterbox allows it. Otherwise, a delivery will be rescheduled. If you are not present at the second delivery, your order will be dropped off at a relay point near your home. For TNT, the package is delivered under signature. If you are not at home, the parcel will be delivered to a relay point. 

My account

Click in the top right corner of our site on “My Account” and then click on “Create an Account”. Once you have created an account you will have access to all of your past orders, to your wishlist, to your personal information and to your beauty profile. If you fill in this section, our team can select personalised samples to send with each of your orders.

Go to the login page and click “I’ve forgotten my password”. You will immediately be sent an email to create a new password.

You may well not have created an account, even if you have ordered from us before. If this is the case you just need to create an account (it takes less than 1 minute). Go to the top right corner of the site and click on “My Account” and then “Create and Account”.

Your beauty profile is accessible as soon as you have created your account. You must go to the "My account" section and then "My beauty profile".

You can subscribe to our newsletter from the home page of the site at the bottom right: enter your email address in the box provided and click on ok. You will then be regularly informed of our news and events and will also be able to benefit from personalised offers.

You can access your invoice directly via the order confirmation email you received when you placed your order. 

Alternatively, you can retrieve this invoice directly from our website by logging into your account. Once logged in, click on the "My Orders" section, then click on the order number you want. You can also send us an e-mail to to get your invoice.

Loyalty Programme

The Oh My Cream Club is our brand new loyalty program.

Each different level (Siver, Gold, Platinum) gives you access to exclusive benefits as well as points that can be exchanged for gifts. Each euro spent on the site or in-store is equal to 1 point. At each new purchase your level is reviewed and recalculated based on your purchases during the preceding 12 months. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following e-mail address

You can also find our terms and conditions here.

Our loyalty programme allows you to collect points when you shop on the site and in our stores. We just need your e-mail when you make a purchase in-store and for you to be connected to your customer account when you buy something online.

Unfortunately you need to have created an account prior to making a purchase in order for your points to be taken into account.

To join the Oh My Cream Club you need to have spent more than 220€ (inclusive of VAT) in 12 months preceding your last order. 

We will only take into account the expenditure during the 12 months preceding the date of your last order. If you have not made any purchases for more than 12 months (either in-store or online), you will not be eligible and any points collected in the months prior to the 12 months where your account was inactive will be lost.

The thresholds (Silver, Gold, Platinum) are calculated over the 12 months prior to your last purchase, in-store or on the site. Your last purchase must be within the last year. Each threshold gives you access to exclusive advantages and a myriad of gifts that are more and more "wow"! See the details of your advantages here.

Each euro spent on the site or in-store is equal to 1 point. 

You must be in one of the thresholds to use your points. To find out if you belong to our loyalty program, and therefore to a threshold (Silver, Gold or Platinum), go to your customer area here.

Once you are a member of our loyalty programme your points can be exchanged for gifts. Whatever level you belong to, you have access to all of the gifts available at that level.

If you are not yet a member of our loyalty programme, don’t panic. We are still recording your points but they aren’t yet available to be exchanged for gifts.

For the launch of our loyalty programme (and because your satisfaction is our number one priority), we didn’t want you to start at zero points. So as to spoil you from the start and help you to benefit from the gifts on offer, we have automatically credited your account with the points that correspond to your purchases in-store and / or online since the 1st January 2022, rather than since the launch of the programme.

Yes, after 12 months where no purchases have been made in-store or online you will lose all of your points.

You can see your available points in your customer account in the section entitled “Oh My Cream Club”. If you belong to our loyalty programme you can also see the different benefits and swap your points for gifts.

First of all check in your customer account in the section entitled “ My orders” that the purchase made in-store or online is there. 

If it appears in your order history, check that your purchase is more than 14 days old. If it is not the case, it is normal: your points are "pending" until this time.

If the purchase does not appear in your purchase history you have perhaps made a purchase without using the right e-mail address. Contact our client service team at so that we can attribute your points.

All purchases made in-store or online allow you to accumulate points according to the 1 euro spent = 1 point rule (including our gift cards). 

Your points are effectively credited to your account 14 days after your purchase in the store or on the website. Before this 14-day period has passed, your points appear as "pending" in your customer area, Club Oh My Cream!

Your loyalty account is strictly personal and points cannot be transferred to anyone else.

If you decide to return or cancel an order in its entirety, your points will be automatically cancelled.

If you decide to return or cancel part of an order, the points that are on hold that relate to the cancelled or returned articles will be deducted from your points total. The points relating to the articles that you have kept will be credited to your account 14 days after your purchase.

Full details of the history of your points are available in the “?” section in your customer account in the “Oh My Cream Club ” section.

Once you've reached the first threshold, you can redeem your points for gifts. 

If you do not yet belong to our loyalty programme you can collect points that you can use once you have reached the first level of our loyalty programme. 

To use your points, go to the “Oh My Cream Club” section of your customer account. You can choose a gift, which must be added to an order. It is not possible to order a gift without making a purchase.

Gift orders are limited to one gift per order.

Some of the “I want it!” buttons relate to gifts that you cannot receive if you don’t yet have enough points. 

Each different level (Siver, Gold, Platinum) gives you access to exclusive benefits. To see the benefits that correspond to your level, go to the “Oh My Cream Club” section of your customer account.

To view the available benefits of other thresholds, go here.

You can consult your benefits in the “Oh My Cream Club” section of your customer account.

The benefits relate to the level of the club (Silver, Gold or Platinum) to which you belong. They will evolve according to your purchases.

You will be informed by mail or in-store if you enquire when you make a purchase.

The different levels (Silver, Gold or Platinum) are calculated each time you make a purchase in-store or online. The different levels are calculated according to the purchases made in the 12 months preceding your last order. You can move up a level each time you make a purchase. But you can also drop down a level if you have made fewer purchases in the 12 months prior to your last order than in the 12 months prior to your penultimate order.

You can use your 10% discount code once per year on the order of your choice, either in-store or online. The code is valid for 12 months from its date of issue. It cannot be combined with other discounts or in-store or online gift cards (either of a fixed amount or for a treatment).

You can use your 20% discount code once per year on the order of your choice, either in-store or online. The code is valid for 12 months from its date of issue and is available to platinum members only. It cannot be combined with other discounts or in-store or online gift cards (either of a fixed amount or for a treatment).

You can use your 10% and 20% discount codes on all of our products excluding gift cards and limited edition products.

You can reach the next level by making enough purchases in the 12 months preceding your last purchase. Insofar as each euro spent earns you 1 point, you need to have spent the following amounts: 

  • 220 points to become a Silver member
  • 440 points to become a Gold member
  • 1300 points to become a Platinum member 

You will find all the all the details here.

Benefits are linked to the different levels (Silver, Gold or Platinum). If you no longer have access to a particular benefit (private sales for example) it is likely to be because you have changed level.

You can see all of your active codes in the “Credit notes” section of your customer account. 

Yes, a selection of gifts is available in the boutique, while stocks last.

The conditions to receive a gift are as follows. You must: 

  • Belong to our Loyalty Program having spent more than 220 € TTC over the last 12 months 
  • Have enough points available to redeem your loyalty points for a gift
  • Order a gift with a product order on the eshop, or pick up your gift in the store. 
  • Gift orders are limited to one gift per order!


Gifts are not exchangeable or refundable.

Yes, new gifts are made available on a regular basis so you can choose the one that will please you the most!

There is very little chance that the same gift will be available again, but don't worry: new gifts are added regularly ;-) 

Referral program

Any Oh My Cream client with an Oh My Cream account having already made at least one purchase can refer a friend.

If you are a client of Oh my Cream with an account and you have already made your first purchase you can refer any friend who has not yet purchased something online or in store. 

By clicking on the section entitled “Refer a friend” in your account area. 

Absolutely! You can refer as many friends as you like. To share your referral link with more than one person you just need to add your friends’ email addresses separated by a comma with no space.

We believe in quality not quantity so we will limit the number of referred friends that actually go through (with a 10€ voucher for you) to 50 ;-)

You will be credited with a 10€ voucher as soon as one of your referred friends makes a purchase using the code that they will receive when they click on your sponsorship link.

All promotional codes and vouchers are sent to you by email and are available in the "vouchers" section of your customer account.

. On the websiteI can use my vouchers or promotional codes by going to my customer account, heading "My vouchers", then clicking on "Use my code". This will then be automatically applied to the basket. If I have received a referral link, I can also apply this code directly from the pop-up window that appears when I arrive on the Oh My Cream! website.

. In the shopI simply log on to my customer area on the Oh My Cream website, and go to the "my vouchers" section, which I present at the checkout.

. On the site as in the shopIf I am a sponsor, I can only use my €10 voucher if my order is equal to or greater than €60. If I'm a referral, I can use my 10% discount coupon code with no minimum purchase, but only if it's my first order at Oh My Cream!

This means that the code has already been used or has expired. If this is not the case, please contact our Customer Service ( who will be able to help you.

No, you can only use one code or voucher at a time.

The vouchers and promotional codes of the referral program are not applicable on limited edition products, for care gift cards as well as for amount gift cards (stores and eshop included).

If you refer a friend, please check that the person has made a purchase. There may be a delay of a few minutes between your friend’s purchase and the mail containing your voucher. You will be notified by mail as soon as the voucher is issued. 

Try changing your browser by copying and pasting the link. If this still doesn't work, our customer service is here to help you: . .

If the referral link takes you to an error message, make sure you are not sharing your referrer's connection or device. Also remember to clear your cache and history. This should work! But if it still doesn't work, our customer service team is here to help:

We advise you to look in your spam folder. It is also possible that you did not receive it if you unsubscribed from our newsletters. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service if this is the case at .


Any product bought online needs to be returned to our warehouse and any product bought in one of our stores needs to be returned to the store it was purchased from. Our online customer service team cannot deal with store related issues and our store teams cannot deal with online queries.  

In both cases, your product must be returned within 14 days of purchase. The product must be undamaged and in its original packaging.

If your product was purchased online, our full return policy and address is available on the Shipping & Returns page. 

If your purchase was made in a store, our return conditions are available in our GTC, paragraph 10.2.


Our refund times are on average one to two weeks. These times may vary depending on the delivery of your package and the time it takes to receive/check the condition of the products at our warehouse. 

Payments, reimbursements and promotional codes

Payment by credit card only. For more information, please visit our Secure Paymentpage .

Yes, credit card payments on the site are made via the Braintree payment system. The Oh My Cream website does not at any time have access to your credit card details. For more information, please visit our Secure payment.

It isnot yet possible to place an order by phone because we are not authorized to take note of your bank details. The validation of your order must therefore be done by you directly online. If you have any difficulties with the payment, please contact us at or by live chat.

On computer: After validating your basket, you can insert your promotional code in the "Information" section, to the right of the field reserved for your delivery address. Then click on "Validate" to benefit from your offer. 

On mobile: After validating your basket, click on the small drop-down arrow on the right of your basket. Below the summary of your order, the promotional code field will appear. Then click on "Validate" to benefit from your offer/credit. 

No, we never give percentage discounts. Throughout the year, we put in place numerous offers. You also always get a free sample bag, no matter how much you order

Once the order is validated, it is no longer possible for us to take into account the addition of a coupon code, whether it is an offer of additional goodies or a reduction on the total of your order. Do not hesitate to contact us at or by live chat so that we can find the best solution for you.

Our offers are not cumulative (neither on our eshop, nor in shop). That's why, online, the promo code field can only be filled in with one code when validating your basket. It's up to you to choose the most interesting offer for you :-)

No, you can' t get the goodie bag when you purchase one or more gift card(s), even if your order contains products.


We can no longer meet every specific request in relation to the volume of orders to be processed per day. However, the quality of the samples remains a priority for us. Therefore, as soon as you place an order, you will receive a minimum of 4 samples, chosen according to your past order (and your previous orders if any), and according to your beauty profile if it has been filled in by you. 

We do not send samples on their own, without a prior order. Don't hesitate to consult our e-shop for a selection of our products in travel size, perfect for testing over several days before investing in a larger size ;-) 

At Oh My Cream, we really want to offer you samples that will make you happy... and only you! Because you don't necessarily have a shop nearby and because trying our products is the best way to discover them, we want to offer you samples systematically. To choose them, we refer to your purchases and your beauty profile. Your beauty profile includes all your concerns about face, body and hair. You haven't filled it in yet? Log in to your account and complete your beauty profile before ordering, your samples will be even more personalized!

NB: Not all brands offer samples, or sometimes only in very limited quantities (especially our young brands that do not necessarily have the means to do so immediately). Also note: it is very common for our brands not to produce their entire range in samples, but only their cult references.

Here is the list of brands that produce samples:

  • Agent Nateur
  • Antipodes
  • Augustinus Bader
  • Aurelia London
  • Bioeffect
  • Bonton
  • Christophe Robin
  • Dermalogica
  • Dr Bronner
  • Egyptian Magic
  • Herbivore Botanicals
  • ILIA
  • Indie Lee
  • John Masters Organics
  • L:a Bruket 
  • Lebon
  • Minois
  • Nuori
  • Odacité
  • Oh My Cream Skincare
  • Oskia
  • Pai Skincare
  • Patyka
  • Rahua
  • Ren Clean Skincare
  • by RMS Beauty
  • by Rudolph Care
  • Sunday Riley
  • Susanne Kaufmann
  • Tata Harper
  • Ulé
  • Vintner's Daughter

Would you like a specific sample? Do not hesitate to go directly to one of our shops! Discover the list of our shops here (we are in Paris and in several provincial cities).


Notre service client n’a pas la possibilité de prendre rendez-vous pour vous par mail ou par téléphone pour le moment. 

En ligne : Cliquez directement dans notre menu Boutique, choisissez celle dans laquelle vous souhaitez effectuer votre soin, et cliquez sur "Réserver une prestation en boutique " sur la gauche de notre site, ou en bas à gauche du menu sur mobile. Vous pouvez ensuite réserver votre rendez-vous dans l'une de nos boutiques.

Par téléphone : Accédez aux numéros de téléphone de nos boutiques directement via le menu Boutiques.

You can come directly to the shop, without making an appointment. Our skin diagnostics are always free. However, if you are in a hurry, we advise you to contact the shop of your choice directly by telephone, so that you can be sure of being taken care of without too much delay in case of a rush.