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Raw Coconut Cream

Raw Coconut Cream RMS Beauty

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Une huile à tout faire 100% naturelle composée uniquement d'huile de noix de coco pure, pouvant être utilisée comme démaquillant, huile de soin ou même en masque pour les cheveux pour les nourrir en profondeur !

Une huile à tout faire 100% naturelle composée uniquement d'huile de noix de coco pure, pouvant être utilisée comme démaquillant, huile de soin ou même en masque pour les cheveux pour les nourrir en profondeur !

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Skin type

Tous les types de peaux. Idéal pour les peaux déshydratées ou sèches, mais aussi pour les peaux sujettes aux petits boutons.

Skin Concerns

Sécheresse, Déshydratation, Imperfections & Points noirs

Raw Coconut Cream

RMS Beauty

Raw Coconut Cream


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The team insight

On adore son odeur envoûtante de coco et ses propriétés antibactériennes et antimicrobiales, qui en ont fait le dernier produit adopté par les peaux sujettes aux imperfections!


Usage tips


La Raw Coconut Cream est une huile à tout faire 100% naturelle qui peut s'utiliser en démaquillant (enlève très facilement tous les types de mascaras même waterproof), en nettoyant, en huile de soin pour le visage et même en masque pour nourrir vos cheveux, vos cils ou réparer la peau après un coup de soleil. L'huile de noix de coco est reconnue comme l'huile la plus saine au monde grâce à ses niveaux élevés en acide laurique, une ressource rare de la nature. L'acide laurique donne à l'huile de noix de coco ses propriétés antibactériennes, antifongiques et antimicrobiales qui permettent même aux peaux à imperfections d'utiliser ce produit. 

Visage :
Peut s'utiliser en 1ère étape du double nettoyage (à masser sur peau sèche puis à rincer) ou en hydratant.

Corps :
Peut s'utiliser sur le corps en huile de soin.

Cheveux :
En soin avant-shampoing à laisser poser quelques minutes voire toute une nuit.


Huile de coco
Haute teneur en acide laurique aux vertus antibactériennes et en omégas 3, 6 et 9 à l'action anti-âge

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Pure coconut oil certified organic (USDA)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
florence c.

Complicated to use. Very expensive for what it is


A revolutionary makeup remover that removes my makeup well and allows me to reduce my waste, especially cotton, it is great!


Personally this product does not suit me.

valerie l.s.

Raw Coconut Cream

laura l.

Raw Coconut Cream

Why use a coconut cream on a daily basis?

The coconut oil cosmetics deserve to be known... Indeed, the richness in lauric acid of the coconut allows it to be perfectly well assimilated and tolerated by all skin types, even oily skin! Coconut oil (or coconut cream when it is in creamy form at room temperature), nourishes the skin and contains in particular vitamins A and E, perfect for regenerating the skin. In short, coconut oil is anti-aging. But the powers of coconut do not stop there... Anti-microbial par excellence, if it is extracted cold and therefore unrefined, it is excellent for treating imperfections. To track down coconut oil in your beauty products, look for it under the name "Cocos nucifera oil" ;-) 

Coco cream face: how to use it?

Universal, coconut oil is ideal as the first step of a double cleansing. Even in its raw state, coconut cream is capable of removing makeup and all impurities. To do this, simply warm the equivalent of a large hazelnut between your palms and then apply it to your face while still dry. We carry out small circular motions then we rinse with tepid water. As it is not water-soluble, the coconut cream will however have to be followed by a cleanser (gel or milk) for a perfect double cleaning, without fatty finish. On clean and dry skin, it can also be used as a simple care oil, using a very small amount (less than a hazelnut). It allows to find comfort, brightness and flexibility thanks to its nourishing and antioxidant powers. 

Coconut oil for oily skin: an impossible duo? 

Well, no! Provided that your coconut cream is of excellent quality (i.e. cold-pressed and pure), coconut oil can actually be of great help in reducing small imperfections and even limiting shine. The reason? Not only is it purifying, but it also limits the excess of sebum because by applying an oil, we come "to mimic" this famous sebum and thus to calm its production. It sends a message to the skin not to produce more. And by domino effect, we avoid imperfections! Using a coconut makeup remover is for example recommended for a mixed to oily skin.  

Coconut in body & hair products 

Pure coconut oil is ideal for nourishing the driest and most uncomfortable skin. And as it is repairing, in addition to limiting the dryness, it makes it possible to limit the small stretch marks. Its natural and greedy perfume of coconut remains moreover rather long! It can be used every day, as an after-sun care or after depilation/shaving, and even under the armpits to neutralize bad smells. Want to stop using deodorants rich in aluminum salts? Switch to coconut deodorantIt's much more respectful of your skin and the environment. For damaged or dry hair, you can use the coconut cream on the lengths and ends for a few minutes to a whole night, as a pre-shampoo treatment. Nothing like it for a soft and shiny hair, full of vitality!