Brands with purpose

From working with 100% recycled and recyclable plastic to saving the oceans (which is linked to reducing plastic use but not uniquely), supporting local industry or offering zero-waste products, the brands we work with strive not only to create products to make your skin beautiful but also to preserve the planet and its inhabitants. And at their individual level they also strive to ensure that the world is as fair as possible. Read more about their undertakings here.

Reduce plastic with REN Skincare, Dr. Bronner & Herbivore

Did you know that some of the packaging for your favorite REN products is made from plastic recovered from the oceans? The American brand Dr Bronner uses for its liquid soapsold plastic bottles 100% recycled and recyclable, it is the technique "bottle to bottleThis is the "bottle to bottle" technique: the used plastics it uses come from the United States only. Finally, Herbivore also offers eco-friendly packs by systematically favoring recycled and recyclable glass.

Refills with Kjaer Weis, Cut By Fred, Tata Harper and Susanne Kaufmann

Proof that luxury can also be sustainable, Kjaer Weis products are ALL refillable . By reducing your waste, you're also rewarded with cheaper refills. You can also refill your favorite Cut By Fred Detox Shampoo or replace your Tata Harper moisturizer! Finally,Susanne Kaufmann now offers innovative refillable packaging for Cleansing Geland Hand Soap & the Shower Shampoo. To discover all our refillable products, it's here:)

Supporting developing countries with Aurelia London Les Huilettes & Rahua

Aurelia is in partnership with Phytotrade Africa, for a fair sourcing of raw materials on the African continent. As for Les Huilettes, they finance a reforestation project in Tapi, India: for almost 3 years, 500 fruit trees have been planted, including the pomegranate tree, used in their products. Another brand recognized for its unprecedented commitment, Rahua: it is out of the question for the brand to use ingredients from the Amazonian forest, without benefiting the population living there. Beyond the work offered to local communities and the ethical mode of agriculture, the brand is also committed to legally protecting them, as many lands in the Amazon are unjustly exploited without any prior agreement from the populations living there.

Protecting the most vulnerable populations with Vintner's Daughter

Since its inception, the brand made in Napa Valley donates 2% of its profits to multiple charities dedicated to the protection, education and empowerment of women and children around the world (Every Mother Counts, Futures Without Violence, Girls Not Brides...).

Go local with Agent Nateur Dessein and Patyka

Agent Nateur contributes to the preservation of the environment and favors the short circuit, by sourcing only ingredients of European origin. The brand Dessein is made in France (like Enfance) and favors plastic-free packaging for a 100% zero waste product. Finally, Patyka is also 100% made in France, working with the best French farmers and constantly innovating in terms of packaging.

Reduce samples with Pai and REN Skincare

Both brands have progressively stopped the production of single-use sachets, in favor of eco-designed and much larger tubes. It's a win-win situation: they have been able to drastically reduce their production of samples (and therefore waste), while we can still test before buying, and several times in a row! By the way, you can now also refuse the samples online and our tote bag if you already have one :)

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