La marque éco-consciente issue d'une ferme verticale.
Ulé cultive ses ingrédients phares dans ses propres fermes verticales près de Paris. Des vrais cocons pour des plantes gorgées de molécules et nutriments et transformées en super actifs à l’efficacité prouvée par la science. Découvrez les soins Ulé qui associent pureté des actifs et puissance des plantes. En savoir plus…

It is adopted for :

  • Its in & out approach
  • Its commitment to the environment
  • Ses extraits propriétaires issus de sa propre ferme verticale
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Oh la Plump!
It's the moisturizing serum that plumps everything in its path. Also apply to crow's feet and lip contours to erase fine lines in these fragile areas.
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Nourishing from within

To enjoy the benefits ofAvoir it All Huile In & Out Ulé and boost your omega-3 intake, slip 2 or 3 drops into your coffee every morning.

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Ulé, the green-tech skincare brand

Developing green care that contribute to a better future - this is the credo of Lindsay Azpitarte cosmetics expert and founder of Ulé. After more than 20 years in the the beauty industry within the Shiseido group, Lindsay drew on the effectiveness of the group's skincare products and innovation to imagine Uléa sustainable cosmetics brand. Cultivated on their own vertical farm in Paris, Ulé skincare products combine the natural power of botanical active ingredients to strengthen the skin and protect it from external aggression. More than just a desire, the choice of Ulé is to act positively for reasoned beauty.   Discover Ulé skin care.

What makes it so good? Ulé's powerful Pur Beauty Blend extract

Nature-tech care Ulé are the result of a unique active ingredient extract and an innovative formulation. The brand's flagship ingredients? 3 adaptogenic plants from the vertical farm (Centella, Coleus and Tulsi) that make up Ulé's revolutionary extract, Pure Beauty Blendcontained in each treatment Ulé. The result? Slower skin ageing, protected from external aggressors for greater resilience.

Ulé: a unique In&Out approach for a solution to every problem
Among her gems beauty, Ulé has developed an in&out phyto-nutritive oil, Avoir It All Apply to the skin for a nourishing, revitalizing effect, or enjoy a few drops in your favorite recipes or drinks for optimum nutrition.

Looking for a targeted treatment? Discover the many Ulé serums that respond to every skin problem: 

For dehydrated skin, opt for the Oh la Plump Moisturizing Serum rich in hyaluronic acid, it perfectly plumps and moisturizes the skin for an immediate smoothing effect
For an anti-aging effect, use the Joie de Youth Revitalizing Serum rich in polyphenols and peptides, it smoothes features, fills wrinkles and revitalizes the skin.
For sensitive skin in search of comfort, we love the Envie de Calm Soothing Serum that restores skin's comfort by maintaining its moisture level all day long, and boosts its natural strength.
For problem skin, the All is clear Anti-Blemish Serum is optimal: rich in zinc salt, it minimizes imperfections and refines skin texture.

Curious to discover these new gems beauty products? Let yourself be tempted by lhe Ulé skincare range can be found here.