by Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale

by Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale

Le maquillage minéral à la couvrance parfaite.
Place au pouvoir des minéraux ! En quelques années, le makeup de Jane Iredale est devenu l’incontournable des peaux intolérantes et le graal des peaux sujettes aux rougeurs ou boutons, grâce à sa tenue infaillible, à sa composition irréprochable et à son fini bluffant de naturel. Très attachée au fait de pouvoir faire la différence en tant qu’entreprise, Jane Iredale supporte notamment "Look Good Feel Better", association dédiée aux femmes atteintes de cancers. En savoir plus...

Why we like it :

  • Long-lasting power
  • Maximum tolerance
  • Her cult Purepressed powder foundation
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The iconic powder

Discover Jane Iredale Purepressed Base SPF20, a mineral foundation that lets the skin breathe and is applied in 2 brush strokes for a unified and radiant complexion.

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The history of Jane Iredale high tolerance make-up 

The American brand of iconic complexion products by Jane Iredale didn't become a cult by chance... It was in 1994 that the line was developed in collaboration with internationally renowned plastic surgeons and dermatologists. The story of by Jane Iredale began at the same time as her career in the film world. From casting agent to director and producer, Jane Iredale befriended some of the best make-up artists in the business. It was at this point that she realized that the true art of make-up was not to make a face conform to fashion standards, but rather to enhance the subject's natural beauty and, consequently, bring out her personality. Collaborating with women whose facial appearance went hand in hand with their profession, Jane realized how skin disorders or hypersensitivity can influence a career or threaten self-confidence. The brand was launched. 

Jane Iredale, the make-up at the service of the care

The make-up Jane Iredale is one of the very first make-up ranges to not only offer a palette of colors, but also products with beneficial actions for the skin. The skincare products are made from micro-minerals and contain no thickeners (such as talc), no binders, no synthetic colorants, no synthetic preservatives... The brand favors natural materials for their skin-care effects, and dimethicone (one of the only silicones best tolerated by all skin types) for its incomparable "soft focus" result, which is harmless to skin health and the environment. Last but not least, Jane Iredale Cosmetics does not test its products on animals, and is also committed to the Berkshire Human Society, which fights animal abuse. Most products are vegan. Thanks to these qualities, the company's products are used worldwide by an international network of spa establishments, beauty salons and medical aesthetic clinics. 

What does Mineral Makeup mean to Jane Iredale? 

The Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up is the basis of all these complexion care products. They are simply the purest, least processed and most durable minerals. Their advantages? They offer a cleaner, more natural-looking formula that doesn't clog the skin... while adding color (for blushes) or the desired correction (for foundations, complexion correctors...). Some minerals also protect against UV rays: that's why Purepressed Base has sun protection. The special feature of this Jane Iredale foundation cult? Unlike conventional products, mineral foundation is neither liquid nor creamy. Formulated as a powder, it can be applied with a brush in the blink of an eye. And the results: mineral make-up offers a full-bodied yet natural finish, a ravishing bare-skin effect, discreet correction, while promoting light reflection and attenuating skin imperfections... Thus, the mineral make-up Jane Iredale is totally adapted to the most reactive skin and/or skin prone to imperfections and marked redness, which it will be able to camouflage while letting your skin breathe!