Kure Bazaar

Kure Bazaar

Kure Bazaar

Kure Bazaar

Le vernis clean aux couleurs super trendy.
Des couleurs savamment travaillées et des nouveautés à chaque saison, le tout sans substances dérivées de la pétrochimie… et sans sacrifier ni la brillance, ni la tenue. Maintenant, c'est à vous de tester ! En savoir plus...

Why we like it :

  • Its modern shades
  • Its shine
  • Its composition
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Le vernis façon sirop de grenadine
Imaginé en collaboration avec Virigine Dhello, découvrez Spicy Vvee Kure Bazaar, un vernis clean au fini rouge, translucide et glossy pour sublimer les ongles.
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Why switch to kure bazaar clean polishes?

Toluene, formaldehyde, phthalates... these ingredients may not mean anything to you, but they are present in a lot of polishes on the market. These are the active ingredients (and a very large quantity of others) that are controversial because of their supposed (or proven for some) effects on your endocrine system. Switching to kure bazaar nail polish is a way to avoid them and even to be able to wear nail polish safely during your pregnancy. Another beneficial effect: the health of your nails, which will come out even stronger and much less brittle. Finally, if you are a big fan of nail polish, it is likely that your nails are unfortunately yellowed ... With Kure Bazaar nail polish, you will largely minimize this phenomenon. 

The fashionable and timeless colors of Kure Bazaar nail polish... but not only! 

Thanks to their full-fledged care dimension, Kure Bazaar nail polishes have quickly seduced the whole beauty sphere. Instead of the controversial active ingredients, we find surprising ingredients such as wood pulp, corn, cotton and even potato! The majority of the formula is therefore natural, to let the nails breathe and strengthen them over the long term. We also love their colors, with new shades emerging every season, in line with fashion. For example, one of the latest nude color ranges was worn during a Stella McCartney fashion show. Other colors have become timeless for the brand, such as the kure bazaar cherie nail polish.  

What are the cult Kure Bazaar polishes? 

And reds are always a favorite in Kure Bazaar nail polishes (including the famous Chérie shade): from coral shades to bright reds or burgundy shades, there is something for everyone. We also like the slightly transparent pinks like with "Rose Milk". Finally, we don't forget that for a successful manicure, the use of a base and a top coat nail polish is essential: you optimize the hold of your polish and you also get an incredible shine. Besides, did you know that you can reapply top coat a second time a few days later to prolong your manicure? Finally, if you don't necessarily apply colored nail polish on a daily basis, the use of Super Base is ideal: completely transparent, it smoothes the nail surface and visibly removes streaks while avoiding breakage.