Moisturizing Rebalancing Intimate Gel

Moisturizing Rebalancing Intimate Gel Miyé

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60 ml

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Un soin intime très complet à base d’eau, contribuant à relancer l’hydratation naturelle de la zone intime, mais aussi à préserver son confort et à renforcer la zone contre les désagréments, notamment lors des cycles, en post-grossesse, pendant ou après la ménopause.
Un soin intime très complet à base d’eau, contribuant à relancer l’hydratation naturelle de la zone intime, mais aussi à préserver son confort et à renforcer la zone contre les désagréments, notamment lors des cycles, en post-grossesse, pendant ou après la ménopause.

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En cas de sécheresse vaginale occasionnelle ou chronique, ou de désagréments et d’inconfort à répétition (pendant le cycle, post-grossesse, après un traitement, pendant ou après la ménopause, ou de douleurs pendant les rapports).

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Moisturizing Rebalancing Intimate Gel


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Un petit tube qui donne un grand soulagement… Et permet de retrouver un confort intime tout en espaçant les utilisations après 21 jours.

Usage tips



Veillez à avoir des mains bien propres et sèches avant application (lavées au savon de préférence). Appliquez une noisette quand le besoin se fait sentir avec le bout du doigt. S’applique en hydratant, lubrifiant en interne et peut s’appliquer également sur la vulve pour soulager. Pour un usage quotidien (1 à 2 applications par 24h en moyenne).

Le Gel Intime Hydratant Rééquilibrant est un gel intime à base d’eau, à la texture non coulante et persistante, sans parfum et compatible avec les préservatifs et sex-toys.

Il apaise intensément la zone intime dès la première application grâce à son Aloé Véra qui soulage rapidement les sensations de picotements, tiraillements ou inconfort. Son complexe de pré et probiotiques contribue à restaurer, renforcer et préserver une flore vaginale saine et équilibrée, pour prévenir les futurs désagréments de la zone intime. L’acide hyaluronique qu’il contient aide à réactiver l’hydratation naturelle pour un confort durable. Enfin, son extrait de muguet bleu renforce la souplesse et l’élasticité de la peau pour restaurer les capacités sensitives de la zone intime.

Résultat ? La zone intime est apaisée, hydratée et retrouve son confort pour de meilleures sensations.


Acide Hyaluronique
Hydrate et prévient les sensations d’inconforts

Aloé Véra
Apaise et soulage

Complexe de Pré et Probiotiques
Restaure, renforce et préserve la zone intime

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Complete list of ingredients

AQUA, PROPANEDIOL, CHONDRUS CRISPUS POWDER, VITEX NEGUNDO EXTRACT , SODIUM HYALURONATE, ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF JUICE POWDER*, LACTOBACILLUS, ALPHA-GLUCAN OLIGOSACCHARIDE, POLYMNIA SONCHIFOLIA ROOT JUICE, GLUCONOLACTONE, SODIUM BENZOATE, CALCIUM GLUCONATE, XANTHAN GUM, SODIUM HYDROXYDE, MALTODEXTRIN, PROPYLENE GLYCOL. 99% of total ingredients are of natural origin. *20% of total ingredients are from Organic Farming. Ecological and organic cosmetics certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Ecocert standard available at http://cosmetiques.ecocert.com

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Excellent product

Vraiment efficace immédiatement. Tiens ses promesses. Agréable et facile à utiliser. Concern:Sécheresse

Salomé C.
Very good product

I've been using the intimate gel for several months now, and it's a very good product for combating dryness. I recommend it! Very pleasant texture Concern:Dryness


It keeps its promise and lives up to its name. Balancing, soothing, pleasant texture, I recommend it +++ Concern:Dryness


A pleasant texture, no more tingling, an intimate gel that keeps its promises and makes a change from all the others on the market. Concern:Dryness


This gel is really easy to use and effective right from the start. You don't need to use a lot, and the bottle lasts a long time.
Added benefit: my bike rides have also become much more pleasant, as the chafing has disappeared. Concern:Dryness

Why use an intimate moisturizing gel?

The inside of the vagina is lined with glands and mucous membranes, whose secretions ensure the vagina's natural hydration and cleansing, and help to remove germs and dead cells. However, at certain times in a woman's life, with hormonal variations linked to our cycle, certain pathologies or when taking certain medications, these mucous membranes can no longer perform their moisturizing function properly. This is known as vaginal dryness. Mainly due to hormonal imbalance linked to a drop in estrogen levels, pregnancy or the onset of menopause, a period of stress or fatigue, intimate dryness can also be caused by inappropriate or overly aggressive intimate hygiene.

The importance of good intimate hygiene to protect against dryness

The vagina is the internal organ of our intimate zone, self-cleaning and requiring no special products. By cleaning it, you run the risk of completely destabilizing it, destroying your vaginal flora and leaving the way open for repeated infections, irritations and mycoses. On the other hand, the vulva, the external part of our intimate zone, requires special attention. The majority of conventional soaps often contain a pH above 7, which can upset our vaginal balance and lead to intimate dryness, itching and irritation. To take care of your vagina, opt for our cleansing gel Wash Intimate Cleansing Gel Maude, a gentle pH-balanced cleanser that gently cleanses the intimate area without aggressing or drying it, then rinses off with water.

Intimate moisturizing gel, a solution to intimate dryness?

MiYé Intimate Moisturizing Gel for women is a real ally in caring for the intimate area when suffering from intimate dryness.MiYé Rebalancing Moisturizing Intimate Gel helps boost natural hydration thanks to its hyaluronic acid. It also helps to rapidly relieve sensations of discomfort, tingling, tightness, itching or burning, thanks to the aloe vera gel present in the formulation. Finally, with a complex of prebiotics and probiotics, it helps restore and strengthen vaginal flora to restore a true balance. What's more, it can also be used to improve comfort during intercourse , as its blue lily of the valley extract enhances skin suppleness and elasticity, and helps restore sensory capacity to the intimate area.