Les soins In et Out qui accompagnent les variations hormonales.
Pour aider le corps à retrouver naturellement un bon équilibre hormonal, découvrez MiYé, la marque de soins In & Out qui accompagnent les femmes de la puberté à la ménopause. Des soins et compléments alimentaires certifiés bio et adaptés aux cycles féminins qui ciblent l’origine des déséquilibres hormonaux. En savoir plus…

Why we like it :

  • Addressing the effects of menopause (really)
  • Physical and mental support for complicated cycles
  • Certified organic and 100% natural care
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Essentials from puberty to menopause

To help the body naturally regain a good hormonal balance, discover MiYé and its certified organic In & Out skincare products, which accompany women from puberty to menopause.

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MiYé, care that accompanies us from puberty to menopause

With 15 years' experience in the development of well-being and beauty products and dietary supplements, Caroline de Blignières and Anna Oualid have created MiYé. With the help of committed experts and over 400 women, they imagined the brand to finally meet the needs of women affected by hormonal imbalances and put an end to the taboo surrounding hormones. To support women from puberty through to menopause, MiYé 's natural and certified organic skincare products and dietary supplements target premenstrual, post-partum and perimenopausal symptoms by acting on the root causes of hormonal imbalances. Discover these intimate well-being products that will become your daily essentials..

Why take care of your hormones with MiYé?

Quite simply, because hormones play a vital role in the proper functioning of our bodies. As we all know, as women, our hormones impact our brain, our metabolism, our immune system and even our heart rate, helping to regulate our menstrual cycle, our bone health, our mood and stress levels or the quality of our sleep. The slightest upheaval, such as a period of stress or insomnia, can create a real imbalance in our hormones. How can you tell if you have a hormonal imbalance? Hormonal fluctuations can affect the quality of our sebum, the condition and texture of our skin and our weight, as well as our health, causing headaches and bloating.

MiYé Intimate Gel, the cult moisturizer and rebalancer

Among the MiYé skincare products that have joined our shelves are Moisturizing & Balancing Intimate Gel MiYé. A water-based treatment that intensely soothes the intimate area from the very first application, thanks to its aloe vera, and rapidly relieves tingling, tightness or discomfort. Formulated with prebiotics and probiotics, it helps restore, strengthen and preserve vaginal flora to prevent future discomfort and reactivate the area's natural hydration. And to soothe areas sensitized and strained by hormonal variations during cycles, pregnancy and during or after menopause, discover the Happy Cycles Body Serum. This light, milky serum soothes discomfort felt during menstruation or menopause, and relieves tense or sensitized areas.