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MiYé, natural skincare and supplements for puberty and menopause

To help your body regain its natural hormonal balance, discover Miyé, the brand of certified organic skincare products and dietary supplements for women from puberty to menopause.

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For the record...

MiYé means "good friend" in Provençal, a pretty name rich in benevolence for a brand that wants to do us good. For Caroline de Blignières and Anna Oualid have launched MiYé after more than a year of discussions with experts committed to women (doctors, endocrinologists, micronutritionists, naturopaths and midwives) and over 400 women, to create the brand that would finally meet the needs of women affected by these "hormonal storms".

With 15 years' experience in the development of wellness and beauty products and dietary supplements, the two friends decided to tackle the taboo of female hormones with the launch of Miyé. A taboo still all too present, while hormonal imbalances are on the increase... So to counter these imbalances, Caroline and Anna have come up with natural, certified organic skincare products and supplements, adapted to women's cycles and the symptoms of hormonal imbalance, and which act on their root causes.

#seo: miyé oh my cream

The impact of hormones on our feminine well-being

Hormones... We tend to forget it, but our hormones play a vital role in the proper functioning of our bodies. They help regulate our menstrual cycle, our bone health, our mood and stress levels, the quality of our sleep... In short, our metabolism in general and even our heart rate. The slightest upheaval, such as a period of stress, a period when the nights are shorter and sleep more complicated, or an unbalanced diet, can throw our hormones out of balance.

While it's not always easy to see a hormonal imbalance, hormonal variations can affect the quality of our hair, our sebum production or the texture of our skin and our weight. Hormonal imbalance can also lead to headaches, migraines, bloating and more.

Miyé care for hormonal beauty

For a new hormonal beauty, more conscious of and respectful of our metabolism and cycles, MiYé has created natural, certified organic in & out skincare products. These products, rich in medicinal plants, are designed to act on the many ailments that affect women from puberty to menopause. Now on the shelves of our e-shop and our flagships on rue Montmartre and rue Saintonge, you can discover :

  • Le Moisturizing & Balancing Intimate Gel Miyé: an intimate cleansing gel for all women suffering from dryness and occasional or chronic intimate discomfort.

  • Le Happy Cycles Body Serum Miyé: a body serum designed to soothe areas sensitized and strained by hormonal variations, and relieve discomfort associated with cycles.

  • L'Équilibre Féminin Food Supplement Miyé: a dietary supplement based on adaptogenic plants to combat physical and mental fatigue linked to cycles, and acting as an anti-fatigue and anti-fringal supplement for good mental energy.

  • L'Essentiels Sérénité Anti-Stress Complement Miyé: a dietary supplement specially designed to support women during hormonal variations linked to premenstrual syndrome or peri-menopause, to preserve hormonal balance and strengthen the body against oxidative stress and inflammation.

MiYé care and supplements


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