Les outils high tech pour booster sa routine.
Offrez une toute nouvelle dimension à vos rituels de soin du quotidien ! Solaris, c’est LA marque made in USA qui a su démocratiser les outils high-tech (microneedling, ultrasons ou encore LED), afin de répondre à toutes les problématiques beauté, de la tête aux pieds. Le produit culte à tester ? L’Ultrasonic Exfoliator Spatula, pour un teint glowy et une peau lissée comme après un soin cabine ! En savoir plus...

Why we like it :

  • Its high-tech holistic tools
  • His professional results at home
  • Proven clinical effectiveness
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The creation of Solaris Laboratories NY

Founded in 2017, Solaris has quickly become THE go-to brand for technical beauty tools that are simple to use every day. The brand's inspiration? Ancient Egypt, where beauty and well-being were one and the same. This is the credo that Iliana Ivanona, the creator of Solaris Laboratories NY, has taken up. After studying science and the human body, she discovered a passion for beauty tools, these 2.0 cosmetics that are revolutionizing skincare, and thus launched the Solaris Laboratories adventure!

Solaris Laboratories NY beauty tools and their benefits

Beauty tools are a complement to your cosmetic care: they allow you to go further in your beauty routine. Solaris Laboratories products are the perfect answer to this need and are real high-tech gems! Thanks to her studies in the medical field and her passion for beauty, Iliana has created cutting-edge tools capable of achieving real clinical and lasting results at home. It is for this guarantee of quality that we refer Solaris Laboratories at Oh My Cream!

The little extras of the Solaris Laboratories NY brand

The brand's mantra? Reduce, reuse, recycle and transform! Solaris Laboratories uses compostable and biodegradable peanuts to insulate and protect the products. Because yes, the LEDs of the beauty tools are very fragile and must be protected: this is their little plus :) The LEDs are of high quality and allow to provide a high quality care, even comfortably installed in your sofa... 

For their liquid products, the company has set up a system for filling the bottles and offers a discount to customers who play the game of bulk

The cult products of the brand Solaris Laboratories NY

At Oh My Cream, we have selected 6 of the brand's best products (tested and approved by our teams ;)! The cult LED Exfoliating Spatula offers results similar to a cabin skin cleansing thanks to its exfoliating action. The Gua Sha Massager is also one of our favorites (and yours too!): it combines 3 technologies for a formidable anti-aging and radiance action. Finally, the How To Glow LED Mask uses the action of light therapy to restore a balanced skin and a luminous and homogeneous complexion. Here are our three favorites, we let you discover the other products of the Solaris Laboratories NY collection!