Vintner's Daughter

Vintner's Daughter

Vintner's Daughter

Vintner's Daughter

L'huile cultissime que toutes les rédactrices beauté s'arrachent.
Le secret de Vintner's Daughter ? Un savoir-faire viticole de génération en génération made in Napa Valley, un cocktail d'actifs d'une pureté inégalée et surtout, beaucoup de temps... À votre tour de découvrir l'Active Botanical Serum, le sérum huileux iconique plébiscité par les beauty editors du monde entier. D'ailleurs, la marque fait don d'une partie de ses recettes à de multiples associations dédiées à la protection des enfants et femmes vulnérables. En savoir plus...

Why we like it :

  • Its precious botanical actives
  • Its wine-making know-how
  • His social commitment
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A few words from the founder

We've created 3 skincare products that amplify the skin's own powers of regeneration, balance and repair.

- April Gargiulo

An exceptional botanical concentrate with Vintner's Daughter

The story of Vintner's Daughter began in California's famous Napa Valley wine country. April Gargiulo, the founder, comes from a family of wine enthusiasts and grew up and worked in a world where success is the result of passion and excellence for her clients. She has always been passionate about botanicals and beauty, but it was after her pregnancy and her many persistent skin problems that she got the trigger: very disappointed with the cosmetic proposals of the time (controversial ingredients and lack of results), April is convinced that people deserve better and that "effectiveness" and "safety" can perfectly coexist. So she drew on her experience in designing fine wines to apply the same exemplary standards to the world of beauty. Irreproachable formulation, artisanal know-how, choice and high quality of ingredients, unequalled efficiency and respect for the environment are all elements that define this beautiful brand.

What is the composition of Vintner's Daughter natural serums and their virtues?

After two years of research to ensure the best possible formula, theActive Botanical Serum was born: composed of the most active and richest plants, this nugget extremely assimilable by the skin allows to act in synergy with it and therefore to bring real results on the repair, regeneration and skin balance. This serum is composed of 22 plants and over 60 bio-available nutrients! Its 100% active formulation fuses with the skin. Extremely well worked, each step is meticulously carried out and no shortcuts are accepted in the manufacturing process. Thus, Vintner's Daughter prioritizes quality over quantity: we don't count in hours of conception, but as for wine, in weeks. Each product takes 3 weeks to be made. At Vintner's Daughter, we work with whole plants, so many steps are necessary to maintain the greatest richness in active nutrients for the skin.

How to use Vintner's Daughter serums

The Vintner's Daughter cosmetics can be applied morning and night to clean skin. Place one-third of a pipette in the palm of your hand and distribute evenly between your palms, then gently pat and press against facial skin. For best results, follow with a few drops of Active Botanical Serum to seal in moisture. 

If you use them in the morning, make sure you are not in direct sunlight and apply sun protection to avoid any risk of photosensitization. The flavor, similar to Kombucha, is natural and is the result of the unique fermentation process, guaranteeing optimal efficiency and strong nutritional performance