Oh My Cream Skincare

Eyebrow Fixing Gel

Eyebrow Fixing Gel Oh My Cream Skincare

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4 ml

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Un gel transparent facile à appliquer qui brosse, définit et fixe les sourcils de la racine à la pointe, sans effet brillant. À porter seul ou à utiliser après d'autres produits pour les sourcils.
Un gel transparent facile à appliquer qui brosse, définit et fixe les sourcils de la racine à la pointe, sans effet brillant. À porter seul ou à utiliser après d'autres produits pour les sourcils.

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Oh My Cream Skincare

Eyebrow Fixing Gel


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Son petit format se glisse facilement dans un sac pour des retouches faciles tout au long de la journée.



Notre Gel Fixateur Sourcils est un gel transparent à la formule universelle, pour tous les sourcils. Facile d’utilisation, sa brosse intuitive comme un mascara dépose sa texture gel légère sans effet carton ou brillant.

Invisible, il peut s’utiliser seul ou par dessus d’autres produits à sourcils, et sa formule universelle, testée dermatologiquement et ophtalmologiquement, s’adapte à toutes les couleurs de sourcils. Sa brosse intuitive permet de discipliner et fixer le sourcil en quelques coups de brosse pour toute la journée. Sa texture légère ne laisse pas d’effet carton ou de fini brillant sur le sourcil, et convient aussi aux hommes qui souhaitent discipliner leur sourcil, tout en gardant un fini naturel.

Résultat ? Les sourcils sont fixés, disciplinés et coiffés.


Formule végan et transparente
Fixe, discipline et coiffe les sourcils

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Our clients share their reviews

Our new Oh My Cream Skincare Eyebrow Fixing Gel
We've all been dreaming of an intuitive product capable of disciplining the eyebrow for the whole day, without tinting or cardboard effect, in just a few brush strokes. Because we know, especially after all those months spent with the face hidden behind a mask, that a highlighted look and well-groomed eyebrows (really) make all the difference...
That's why we came up with our Oh My Cream Eyebrow Fixing Gel, a transparent, easy-to-apply gel with a light texture and an intuitive brush, to define and fix eyebrows from root to tip, without a shiny effect. Whether you've got full brows or sparse ones, Oh My Cream Skincare Eyebrow Fixing Gel will be your ally for well-groomed brows! Invisible, it can be used on its own to brush and discipline already thick brows, or in conjunction with an eyebrow pencil to set and emphasize the result, all without a cardboard effect! With its light, invisible texture, it can even be used by men in search of well-groomed brows.

How do I apply eyebrow make-up?
Let's face it, well-shaped, well-groomed or simply well-disciplined eyebrows make all the difference on the face! In fact, well-defined eyebrows naturally structure the face and give it more character, but they also enable you to enlarge your eyes with just a few brushstrokes. But if eyebrows aren't necessarily the easiest area to apply make-up... how do you go about it? With the right tools!
Rest assured, your make-up bag doesn't need to be overflowing with eyebrow products or expert tools to draw and apply eyebrow make-up. Eyebrow pencil and eyebrow mascara, also known as gel fixative, are the two most common eyebrow products. The former can be used to reshape and restructure sparse or thin brows, to restore shape and fill in a less pigmented area, while the latter, like our Oh My Cream Skincare Brow Fixing Gel, can be used to add volume for better-defined brows. Find all our tips on how to make up your eyebrows, whether thin or thick, here.