EGF Serum

EGF Serum Bioeffect

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15 ml

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Le sérum culte de la marque islandaise qui renverse les signes de l'âge, traite la déshydratation et améliore l'éclat du teint.
Le sérum culte de la marque islandaise qui renverse les signes de l'âge, traite la déshydratation et améliore l'éclat du teint.

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Skin type

Toutes les natures de peaux matures. Parfait pour les peaux fatigués, sujettes au teint terne, aux rides et au relâchement.

Skin Concerns

Déshydratation, Rides installées, Perte de fermeté

EGF Serum


EGF Serum


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The team insight

Un sérum anti-âge prodigieux que même les peaux sensibles pourront s'offrir ! Petite astuce : vaporisez une lotion juste avant utilisation pour en décupler les résultats.


Usage tips


Le Sérum EGF grâce à sa composition minimaliste mais aux concentrations en actifs élevées, permet d'agir sur de nombreuses problématiques cutanées tout en étant très bien toléré. L'association de l'acide hyaluronique à la glycérine végétale s'immisce en profondeur dans les tissus pour hydrater, lissant en surface les ridules de déshydratation. Enfin l'actif phare, la molécule d'EGF issue de l'orge s'attaque aux signes de l'âge, atténuant rides et ridules et améliorant la fermeté de la peau. La peau gagne également en éclat et retrouve son éclat. 

Le soir, appliquer 2 à 4 gouttes sur peau propre. Pour les peaux très sèches, il peut être nécéssaire d'utiliser une crème hydratante. Si application d'un autre produit, patienter 10 minutes pour ne pas dénaturer la molécule d'EGF. 


Molécule d'EGF
Accélère le taux de régénération des cellules et relance les fonctions cellulaires endormies

Agent humectant

Acide hyaluronique
Stimule l'hydratation et la production de collagène

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Customer Reviews

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Fred L.

EGF Serum

It fits

I feel like giving up. My face rather the skin of my face is sticky
It really puts me off 🥴 my face stuck on the pillow Concern:Loss of Firmness

I am sincerely sorry to read that this product did not bring you complete satisfaction.
In spite of all the care taken in the formulation, and in the referencing of the products, so that they are as pleasant to use as effective, each skin reacts differently.
Do not hesitate to contact our customer service if you need further product advice.
Alexandrine from the Oh My Cream! team

Fearsome efficiency

Apply to damp skin. Nothing has been found that is more effective than serums and creams for moisturized, plumped up, repaired and luminous skin. More than him, and nothing else.

Alban G.

EGF Serum

Sandrine D.

I was advised by Oh my cream to buy this serum because my skin was lacking moisture and after about 3 weeks of use, I notice a noticeable improvement. It is true that it is expensive but two drops are enough for the face. The serum is not too greasy and immediately brings comfort. So much so that I don't need to use my night cream afterwards. Concern:Dehydration

The EGF Bioeffect Serum, a cult anti-aging serum with a formidable active ingredient

The EGF Serum from Bioeffect is a face serum with a minimalist composition, but concentrated in effective active ingredients, among which is its main ingredient, the EGF capsule. EGF, Epidermal Growth Factor, is a protein derived from barley that smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and considerably improves skin firmness thanks to its regenerative action on cells. In addition to this molecule, we find the star anti-aging active ingredient, hyaluronic acid, a powerful moisturizer and collagen booster. Thanks to its association with the vegetable glycerin, the hyaluronic acid penetrates in-depth for an instantaneous return. Perfectly tolerated by sensitive skin, EGF Serum is suitable for all types of mature skin wishing to regain their radiance, boost their firmness and get a "plump" effect!

The story of a best-seller born in Iceland

When Bioeffect launched its anti-aging serum in Iceland, it didn't take five months for Icelandic women to make it a best-seller thanks to word of mouth. Following this success, the brand decided to make EGF its strongest asset to become a leading anti-aging expert. Bioeffect has therefore expanded its range to include other gems products such as the EGF Essence which, when used just before the serum, will be an ally for those who have difficulty keeping their skin well hydrated.