Your skincare routine in 3 essential steps

The 3 essential gestures are the basics, the pillars of a perfect beauty ritual. They are the first elements to adopt before going further with specific treatments. Our goal? To introduce you to these essential steps, often neglected, even though they can change your skin and make all the difference: the Double Cleanse, the Gentle Exfoliation and the Skin Care Oil.


Double cleanse

First my Cleansing Oil or Balm, then my Cleansing Milk or Gel

What exactly is the double cleanse?

A double passage... Pnything is like going to the shower with your clothes on... First, I remove the coat of impurities that has accumulated during the day (makeup, pollution, excess sebum), only then do I really clean my skin.

... with two different textures. Pecause an oily texture will be ideal to catch lipophilic impurities (fat attracts fat!), and an aqueous texture will then eliminate the remaining hydrophilic impurities (such as perspiration, dust etc.). With these two complementary products, we are sure to have eliminated everything!

Why should I add this step to my routine?

Double cleansing is the gentlest way to cleanse your face, regardless of your skin type and including if you have dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin.

The benefits of the first, oil-based phase are numerous:

  • If your skin is oily or has dilated pores: make-up removal oil emulsifies all the excess sebum, and even (contrary to popular belief!) regulates the future production of oil. And that, without needing irritating detergents which would strip your skin...
  • If, on the other hand, your skin is dry or dehydrated, the oil will begin to soften and nourish it by providing the fatty acids necessary for its comfort.

The second step with the cleansing milk or gel will begin to treat a skin problem (such as sensitivities, dehydration or imperfections).

We definitely forget themicellar water (it cleans badly and is irritating, especially if you apply it with a cotton pad) and cleansers full of surfactants such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate (it lathers well... but it is very stripping for the epidermis).

1. Get rid of impurities with a cleansing oil or balm

In the evening, I start with a teaspoon of makeup remover oil or a dab of makeup remover balm, which I heat between my clean, dry hands to obtain a more liquid texture. I apply directly to the dry face, and massage with gentle circular movements, insisting on areas prone to small imperfections and not forgetting the eyes (goodbye waterproof mascara!). I add a little water to emulsify the oil, which turns into milk, before rinsing with plenty of water.

  • If I'm just discovering double cleansing, I opt for Oh My Cream SkincareCleansing Oil, the fluid oil boosted with anti-pollution and radiance-boosting actives.
  • If I have blemishes and/or sensitivities, I turn to Oh My Cream Skincare Cleansing Balm for its repairing action.
  • While I enjoy more liquid textures, I'm embracing Dermalogica PreCleanse, a makeup remover oil that dissolves all impurities and is very easy to rinse off.

2. Deep cleanse your face with a cleansing milk or gel

I massage a dab of cleansing milk or gel onto my wet face, before rinsing with plenty of water. In the morning, as my skin was well cleansed the day before, I only do this second step.

  • If I want to fight shine and the little annoyances caused by occasional blemishes, I opt for Oh My Cream Skincare Cleansing Gel.
  • If I'm looking for a moisturizing and comfortable formula, I'll treat myself to Oh My Cream SkincareCleansing Emulsion, a creamy formula that will also suit sensitive skin or skin weakened by external aggressions.
  • If I'm looking for a refreshing cleanser and my skin doesn't have any specific issues, I go with the Rosa Centifolia Face Wash Gel from Ren Skincare.

Soft exfoliation

What exactly is a soft exfoliation?

A sweep on dead cells... Because it is essential to eliminate the layer of dead cells that accumulates on the surface, making the complexion dull and preventing sebum from flowing (potentially causing imperfections!)

... that doesn't irritate if you do it right. Because it is now possible to renew skin without the action of grains, thanks to "pacman" molecules (such as acids or fruit enzymes) that nibble at the links between dead cells, to gently remove them without causing irritation or redness!

Why should I add this step to my routine?

Exfoliating is the "beautiful skin" gesture par excellence! By eliminating excess dead cells, scrubs and exfoliants scrubs and exfoliants (this word refers to the same family of products) optimize the penetration of active ingredients, making the skin soft and smooth, while fighting against small imperfections (brown spots, pimples, dilated pores). It is also a great way to have an action on skin aging and firmness by boosting the production of young and fresh cells.

How are these exfoliants different to grain-based scrubs?

A granular exfoliator works with small particles that rub off dead skin cells. These facial scrubs can be suitable for dry skin, normal skin or mature skin. But beware, in most cases, they are too strong. Often used too abruptly, mechanical exfoliation is not recommended for sensitive or blemished skin. Why not? Because these famous grains risk "opening" the pimple and causing bacterial proliferation. That's why, at Oh My Cream, we prefer a gentler method of action, so as not to cause any tightness.

  • If my normal or combination skin is sometimes a little sensitive, I choose Oh My Cream Skincare Exfoliating Powder, formulated with an oatmeal base.
  • If I also have a few small spots or scars, I opt for Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant, a gentle exfoliating powder that smoothes the skin and helps restore a flawless complexion.
  • If I prefer an exfoliator to leave on as a mask for a "wow" effect, I prefer Ren Skincare's Glycolactic Radiance Mask for New Skin.

Do you want to treat another skin problem as well? Our guide to choose your scrub according to your skin type will help you.


Vegetable oil

Why would I use a vegetable oil to protect my skin?

A new generation of serum... Because oil is a galenic that is much better assimilated by the skin, it is particularly effective in conveying all kinds of good active ingredients.

... that I can use to boost my cream. Because if your skin needs more comfort and your moisturizer is no longer enough, just mix a few drops of oil into it to transform it into a smoother, more nourishing treatment, and show off baby-soft, glowing, plump skin.

What is the difference between a vegetable and a mineral oil?

Vegetable oils are derived from plants: seeds, fruits, vegetables... Natural ingredients, they can be certified organic. Having a great affinity with the skin (they look like it!), they penetrate and each one, according to its origin, will have a specific action. Moreover, by forming a shield on the skin, they boost its natural hydration by avoiding water loss. L'vegetable oil is also very naturally rich in good active ingredients, such as essential fatty acids (also known as Omega 3, 6, 9) and vitamins.

Mineral oils, on the other hand, are derived from petrochemicals and are therefore not natural ingredients. They remain on the surface of the skin and, unable to penetrate, form a protective film on the epidermis. Acting as an insulator, they can relieve dry or sensitive skin thanks to their "bandage" function. However, oily skin or skin prone to dilated pores and small pimples will prefer not to use them, as the film-forming effect can clog the skin. In short, they are a real treat for the skin!

  • If I have dehydrated skin, I apply Oh My Cream SkincarePlumping Oil to smooth fine lines and bring comfort to the skin.
  • If I need to gently purify my skin, I rely on the gentle cleansing power of Oh My Cream SkincareCorrective Oil.
  • To regulate my skin and boost the natural healing mechanisms, I opt for Pai Skincare BioRegenerate Wild Rose Oil.

Do you have another skin condition you want to treat? Our guide to oils and serums for the face will help you.

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