How to kick the refined sugar habit?

This month, Aurélie Canzoneri, naturopath, talks to us about the famous subject of sugar... More and more shunned, sugar - when it is not refined - remains however an essential ingredient essential ingredient to the good functioning of our body. Explanation and advices to reduce the consumption of refined sugars, without getting frustrated.

What can you replace refined sugar with on a daily basis? 

In a yogurt or for a recipe of home-made cake for example, it is finally very simple to do without the famous white sugar which has moreover, no nutritional interest. The easiest to find? Honey obviously, an incredible natural antibiotic. The whole sugar is no exception, since it is unrefined and has kept all its vitamins and minerals. Another new product to find in organic stores is coconut blossom sugar. Not only are unrefined sugars healthier, but they also offer our palates much more tasty and subtle flavors. Finally, did you know that white flours were rich in sugars ? It may be interesting to replace them with a gluten-free version for a lower glycemic index, or with whole wheat flours: the fiber slows down the passage of sugar in the blood and avoids the insulin peak.

10 tips to kick the refined sugar habit… 

  • Eliminate industrial foods as much as possible which often contain many hidden sugars and not enough vitamins, minerals and fiber. The easiest way is not to buy industrial cakes.
  • Avoid fruit juices and prefer whole fruits or smoothies: sugars in the form of juice pass too quickly into the bloodstream and induce an insulin peak.
  • Drink water as soon as a sugar craving arises.
  • Eat a low-sugar breakfast The morning glycemic index sets the pace for the day. The earlier you eat it, the more your body wants more.
  • Replace jams with oilseed, fruit or sugar-free compotes.
  • Limit dried fruitsDo not eat dried fruits unless they are rehydrated. Ideally, they should be soaked in water for 1 hour before eating them to avoid excess sugar.
  • Focus on cinnamon which regulates blood sugar and has appetite-suppressant properties.
  • Reduce the amount of sugar in most recipes by 2 in most recipes and do not overcook food.
  • Sleep well Sleep: sleep regulates the appetite and lack of it creates small sweet cravings.
  • Keeping an eye on your intestinal flora Juices and lacto-fermented foods reduce sugar cravings, are good for your mood and quickly satisfy your hunger.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that you can't get rid of refined sugar in a snap of the fingers. You have to be kind to yourself and if you want to start, you have to reduce your consumption very gradually, without pressure. The good news? The less refined sugar you eat, the less your body wants it! For more information or if you want references of the products mentioned, do not hesitate to contact the naturopath Aurélie Canzoneri on her website or on Instagram @aurelie.canzoneri.

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