10 anti-aging tips that make all the difference.

... And our little birdie tells us that they are not necessarily the ones you are thinking of ;-)

N°1 : Start with the basics, it's already an anti-aging routine  

In fact, double cleansing every night, exfoliation every third day and moisturizing morning and night, are already the pillars of an anti-aging routine. That's right: when the skin is perfectly cleansed, it regenerates better; when it is exfoliated, it boosts its production of new cells; and when it is moisturized, it is better protected and receives the water it needs to function properly.

N°2 : Relax with a self-massage

While some of the muscles of the face are working too hard (leading to the appearance of wrinkles), others are not used enoughand therefore tend to atrophy, causing the skin to sag. When you know that the face alone has 43 muscles, a little massage to tone them up is not a luxury! Take advantage of the application of your skin care oil in the evening to practice it, Thao explains it all in video.

N°3 : Treat yourself to a spa treatment every 3 months 

First reason? First, because it's a real pleasure... and second, because it really works. In fact, the main difference between the treatments you find on our shelves and those in our cabins is their concentration. For example, when you perform the Pro Power Peel by Dermalogica, the concentration of exfoliating agents in this treatment is much higher than in a home peel. And above all, it is 100% customizable and practiced with a professional gesture. The result is a visible and long-lasting boost to the skin, not only on wrinkles but also on brown spots and radiance!


N°4: Invest in a quality anti-aging skin care product 

As explained above, you don't necessarily have to turn your entire beauty routine upside down to go anti-aging. You can keep your keep your daily basics and simply swap your cream or serum (or both) for a version that is more (or both), for a version that targets firmness, wrinkles or spots, for example. Still haven't found them? You can find them here.

N°5 : Protect yourself from the sun  

Be careful, we may depress you a little but... ultraviolet rays are responsible for 90% of premature skin aging. The ideal is not to limit yourself to a sun protection on the beach, but in any season. But the good thing about this is that it also means that aging is not only linked to heredity! An SPF20 can be sufficient if you don't expose yourself too much, and in summer, an index 50 is ideal to take no risks. Otherwise, you can use a foundation with an SPF so you don't even have to think about it ;-).

N°6 : Eat good fats 

Too long demonized, fat is nevertheless essential to our health and that of our skin. Well, we are not talking about saturated fats in deli meats and pastries, but rather about these good fats present in avocado, fatty fish (salmon, herring, sardines...) and of course, in cold-pressed vegetable oils such as olive, wheat germ and rapeseed. This is a great way to boost the suppleness of the skin, which absolutely needs fatty acids to function, especially as we age.

N°7 : Find the right food supplement for you 

We would have to devote an entire article to this subject, as supplementation is a vast and specific topic. In terms of anti-aging, supplements also have their role to play to help the skin boost its cellular renewal, but also provide nutrition and hydration. Among the most universal anti-aging active ingredients borage, evening primrose, acerola or royal jelly come out on top. However, be careful about where they come from and what they contain, because unfortunately not all of them are the same... Among those that you can consume with your eyes closed, we recommend the supplements Atelier Nubio and Combeau, clean and super concentrated food supplements!

N°8 : Sleep without creases

A silk pillowcase, a princess' whim? Not really: its classic cotton version is a real sponge, three times more absorbent than the silk one. Result: it drinks up all your care instead of your skin and dehydrates it. Silk, on the other hand, leaves your skin care products alone and also boosts collagen production (thanks to its 18 amino acids), minimizing the appearance of wrinkles in the morning. Moreover, your hair will also be able to benefit from it and see its softness and shine increase tenfold!

N°9 : And why not hyaluronic acid injections?  

What, we dared? Well YES: if you really can't stand that frown line or nasolabial fold, there's nothing wrong with wanting to reduce what can turn into a complex (in the end, it's up to you). The advantage of hyaluronic acid is that, unlike botox it will fill in and not freeze the features. The result is long-lasting, and fades gradually after 6 months: you can therefore decide whether or not to renew the experience. And as we are pros to the end, we even tested for you!

N°10 : Boost cellular energy with LEDs  

If there are "masks" for a light therapy session at home, nothing beats an LED treatment in a professional office. How does it work? Equipped with protective glasses, you approach the face very close to a "screen" and then you wait about fifteen minutes... The red light stimulates the skin cellsThe red light stimulates the skin cells, which will increase their production of elastin and collagen. The result is a more toned and plumped up skin, reduced spots and a crazy glow... As for frequency, 2 sessions per week for less than a month are ideal to see real results. And no, it is not painful at all, it is even pleasant ;-)

Did you learn anything from this article? Find out now which anti-wrinkle treatment is right for you :)

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