Oh My Cream Skincare’s hydrating serum is here!

You've been waiting for it for several days... and it's finally HERE! Discover the genesis of our new product with Juliette, Founder of Oh My Cream. 

"Tackling the subject of hydration (and the big issue of dehydration) is a bit of a mountain to climb. But since we always set ambitious goals at Oh My Cream and don't necessarily know where to start, we figured that listening to you was always a good way to start.

We then made a rather disconcerting observation: you've (almost) all experienced taut skin, yet hardly any of you have a moisturizing serum in your bathroom. Why not? Too watery textures that give the impression of not doing much, a comfort that is rarely sufficient, perfume when it is not necessary, and often excessive prices for a basic product. Many of you were also turning to oils by default, bringing oil when your skin was asking for water.

This great glass of water for the skin, we started to dream about it... and like every time, our super teams did it! The result is a creamy 98% naturally derived moisturizing serum that optimizes natural water reserves, soothes, and leaves skin feeling soft and comfortable. In the team, we love its milky texture (a kind of light emulsion which could be enough to itself in summer!) and we are delighted that it is suitable for all the skins even the most reactive (it is formulated without perfume nor essential oil). But above all, we are super proud to have succeeded in taking up the challenge with flying colors: to bring a maximum of comfort, without ever greasing the skin.

So, who wants to try it?

Juliette, Oh My Cream's founder


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