The LED course tested by Juliette

I've been obsessed with pretty skin for years, and clearly working in the beauty industry hasn't helped... I've tried everything from Roaccutane as a teenager to dermatology peels to an unreasonable consumption of cosmetics. I've come to the conclusion that the simplest routines are often the best, and I've learned to stick to certain basics that work perfectly for my skin (including my favorites Oh My Cream Skincare !).

Although I haven't achieved the perfect skin I've always dreamed of, over the years I've managed to achieve a clearer, brighter, more even complexion. But then, in the midst of preparing for my wedding 3 years ago, I started to worry again. To have an unsightly pimple on the big day and to have absolutely no control over the situation seemed unbearable. And even though I knew that the miracle recipe didn't exist, I spent nights on the internet looking for it.

That's how I ended up in an aesthetic office in Paris in the 8th district, on the recommendation of Mathilde Lacombe who was treating her rosacea. These small imperfections that appear totally unexpectedly, without really understanding why, I spoke to the doctor of this practice, who then explained to me that it was quite possible to control these light and temporary acne outbreaks thanks to Miltaderm, a combination of LEDs and cold lasers. In concrete terms, LEDs are lamps that emit cold light rays of different colors depending on the desired effect: red light has an anti-aging effect, yellow light reduces redness and inflammation, and blue light acts at the heart of the cells to kill the bacteria responsible for acne. In this case, it is the latter that I tested.

So I started a treatment of 8 sessions and obtained a really amazing result: a better quality of skin (LEDs also play on the radiance and hydration), and especially no more pimples. A miracle for me who used to wake up every other day with small red and inflamed microcysts, sometimes difficult to hide!

Certainly, at 120€ for a 25 minute session, it is a real investment. And it is not a miracle cure either, since like all such treatments, it requires a minimum of maintenance. For me, it takes one to two sessions per month to maintain the result, but it varies from one skin to another. I'm really happy to have found a solution that allows me to have perfect skin in a few sessions on the day I decide (when my budget allows it!). And with a few months of hindsight, having experimented with stopping the treatment (just to see if, by magic, the pimples had disappeared for good!), I am now thinking of offering myself one session per month: I see it as a complement to a healthy lifestyle and an effective skin care routine!

Address & contact
Center Médecine de la Beauté, by Dr Valérie Leduc
4 Rue Cimarosa, 75116 Paris

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